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"The Sisters" - The main character

The first short story that is featured in Dubliners is called The Sisters and it deals with a boy’s superficial attempts to cope with the death of a priest, who had been a teacher and friend to him.   217 more words

Irish Literature

Ireland of course has a long and rich history of mythology, fairy tales, and folklore. That is the best place to start with Irish literature. Some of the earliest texts referring to St. 1,192 more words

World Lit

James Joyce and his decent silk hat

I’m currently deep into Richard Ellmann’s biography of James Joyce, an 800-page opus which is, in parts, almost as detailed as “Ulysses” itself.

As such, I’m well into the world of Joyce-words: ‘europicola’, ‘allalluvial’, ‘douncestears’, to pick three among thousands. 425 more words

Cormac Looney

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

– James Joyce

Go for it, and make mistakes

How many times have we discovered a better way after blundering through and making mistakes?

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Your Life

A century of celebrations and the celebration of a centenary

Tauchnitz loved issuing celebratory volumes and had plenty of occasions to do so.  The 500th volume of the series in 1860, the 1000th volume in 1869 and the 2000th in 1881 were all marked by specially commissioned volumes and by specially bound presentation copies to be offered to authors, friends and business contacts. 693 more words

Vintage Paperbacks

Excerpt from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

How beautiful and sad that was! How beautiful the words were when they said BURY ME IN THE OLD CHURCHYARD! A tremor passed over his body.

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Spellbound colander of treetops amid bruised cloud aperture

It’s funny, when I think about James Joyce now I wonder how much of his art is judged by what he said vs. how he said it, the fact he freed others to rethink writing: or that his book went to the Supreme Court and was banned because of a passage describing a woman’s feelings about sex, how those who ban books don’t create or free anyone, they just prop up old ideas of how to govern and subjugate, how to limit us. 226 more words