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Behind on Blogging

I’m wayyyyy behind on blogging. I finished the James Madison biography before I even finished up wrapping up Thomas Jefferson posts, oops.

However, I really disliked the short Madison biography I chose to read, so I’m considering reading another. 112 more words

Guns in College: Historical Context and the Dangers of Presentism

Last school year, President Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University made a series of controversial statements concerning concealed firearms on the college campus. The first was in December when he… 718 more words


Federalist 63 - Madison

In Federalist 63, James Madison picks up where he left off in Federalist 62 to discuss the Senate. At the outset of the essay he continues to argue that the Senate would provide a form of stability in government that would be reassuring to foreign powers. 1,419 more words

King's Survey: Constituting a Nation

In which we trace the long sweaty road (back) to Philadelphia to reset the government

So, Paolo, ready to play some history?


Excellent. Paolo, you’re George Washington. 1,568 more words

Jim Cullen

there are no angels

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” -James Madison

This quote is one of my favorites, the truth it holds is so relevant nowadays. 1,057 more words


Federalist 62 - Madison

If you’re keeping score at home, yes I am skipping ahead. It’s not that Federalists 58-61 are not unimportant, but they cover a lot of the same ground about the manner and place of elections. 2,250 more words

August 24, 1814

President James Madison witnesses the Battle of Bladensburg, a humiliating defeat for the Americans which opens the path for the British to burn the Capitol and the White House later that day. 156 more words