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The MAMA swings

Last fall I took two online classes through the local community college as prerequisites for a graduate program that I eventually decided not to pursue. Along the way, I discovered James Marcia. 474 more words


Meg Jay: Why 30 is not the new 20

Clinical psychologist Meg Jay has a bold message for twentysomethings: Contrary to popular belief, your 20s are not a throwaway decade. In this provocative talk, Jay says that just because marriage, work and kids are happening later in life, doesn’t mean you can’t start planning now. 225 more words


Students and Identity Building

The final of the three questions:

In your opinion, how do students build an identity?  What kind of learning experiences are necessary?  What is a school’s responsibility (or a teacher’s) in helping students develop character and identity? 1,300 more words


Identity Achievement and Spiritual Practice

I was recently (and briefly) introduced to James Marcia’s theory of identity achievement which describes the formation of identity during adolescence. According to Marcia, during adolescence (or in other times of identity crisis) we have the chance to choose between different occupations and beliefs. 238 more words

Spiritual Life

We contain Multitudes

Forming an identity is a multifaceted process by which people come to build a sense and understanding of themselves within the perspective of cultural demands and norms. 446 more words


Double self

I have been infatuated with the ‘double self’ since my adolescence. The concept intrigues me in its dominance over the mental and physical psyches. When I was younger, I would drastically alter my appearance through changing aspects of my physical being. 392 more words


Identity status / Psychology in fiction writing

I’m fascinated by psychology and think that my understanding of it helps me with character development. One thing I find intriguing is that many of my favorite writers have a background in this subject. 405 more words