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Review | Victor Frankenstein - 2015

From Igor’s point of view he tells the story of Victor Frankenstein. Igor is a young man with a distortion who crosses paths with Frankenstein, where the latter is visiting the London circus. 915 more words

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Amira Mitchell, 'Cinematic Masculinity and Self-Sabotaging Performance in Filth'

Cinematic Masculinity and Self-Sabotaging Performance in Filth

A Video-Essay by Amira Mitchell

The tropes and characteristics of the anti-hero are so ingrained within the history of Classical Hollywood (rooted within the Western and Film Noir genre), that whether unconsciously or not, audiences have become accustomed to falling for the morally ambiguous man. 591 more words

SPLIT - Saat Kau Memiliki 23 Kepribadian berbeda dalam 1 Tubuh 

Semalam gue iseng cari tau tentang Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) hanya karena gak sengaja liat istilah itu lewat di wall Facebook gue. Menyasar ke sebuah forum, ke ulasan yang ditulis oleh orang lain hingga ke beberapa video yang disebar di youtube. 657 more words

M. Night Shyamalan's SPLIT (2016): The broken are the more evolved

M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split” is about a guy who suffers of a rare disorder of multiple personalities, he actually holds 23 of them and the number 24, the beast, is about to be unleashed. 143 more words

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I recently caught ‘Split’, after seeing it mentioned way too many times on Twitter. In case you didn’t already know what its about, the film follows ‘Kevin’, a guy who suffers from disassociative identity disorder (DID), or in layman’s terms, split personality. 382 more words

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Split - M. Night Shyamalan

“Ce qui ne nous tue pas nous rend plus fort”. Mais à quel point est-ce vrai ? Jusqu’à quel point la douleur peut-elle faire naître en nous de la force et renforcer notre volonté de survie ? 987 more words