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Mad Man's Dictionary

Before the publication of the Oxford English Dictionary in 1928, all the existing dictionaries were incomplete and deficient. This called for a complete re-examination of the language from Anglo-Saxon times onward, little did they realize just how enormous of a task they were undertaking. 537 more words

James Murray - Killing Ghosts [Home Normal]

The origin of the latest work by James Murray goes back to 2014 when he and his wife Anne were set to vacation in a remote log cabin in the mountains. 307 more words


The Crowd - Review


Although F. W. Murnau’s masterpiece Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans may have done away with winning the only ever Academy Award for “Unique and Artistic Production” another film in competition at the time, being King Vidor’s The Crowd deserves a name for itself as one of the great American films of the period. 1,029 more words

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Killing Ghosts by James Murray

Written and Produced by James Murray in the Black Mountains and at Slowcraft Studio.

On the Home Normal label from Tokyo.

Purveyors of maximal minimal since early 2009.

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24th February 2005. What Happened to Milk of Magnesia?

Today in 2005 a Blue Plaque  was unveiled in High Street, Belfast on the site once the home of physician Sir James Murray (1788-1871).

It was in 1829 that Murray used a condensed solution of… 287 more words


Season One, Episode One - Pay It Forward

Challenge 1: Keep The Change – Although not the first challenge ever filmed, Keep The Change becomes the first one ever to count in the win/loss column for the Jokers. 577 more words

Brian Quinn

The Crowd (1928)

Directed by King Vidor, written by Vidor, John V.A. Weaver and Harry Behn, produced by Irving Thalberg

Identifying King Vidor’s greatest directorial achievement is almost as impossible as identifying the greatest artistic achievement of all of silent film. 1,600 more words

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