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The Fantastic Mockingjay Part 2 Score - And that Cynical Remix

Yesterday the Mockingjay Part 2 Soundtrack went on sale on iTunes and Google Play. This soundtrack is just the musical score, not songs “inspired by” the movie but we LOVE it. 486 more words


Film Review | The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2


As we come to the end of The Hunger Games franchise, it feels a little strange to think that it only started out in 2012. 711 more words

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Catching Fire Soundtrack // MondayMusicday

I definitely loved The Hunger Games but Catching Fire was a whole lot better, I can’t say anything else. I loved the film so much and the soundtrack and score was definitely a part of it but also me being in my beautiful, amazing, lovely Forum. 451 more words



Collateral is a laser-precise action thriller, that as per usual for macho auteur Michael Mann, also stops to pause for the introspective moment from time to time, certainly more than your average studio shoot ‘em up. 468 more words

Film Review

The Village

Movie companies are seriously hot on copyright infringement, immediately removing from YouTube any content they deem remotely marketable. So when a film is available on YouTube in its entirety, there can only be one explanation: no one cares. 315 more words


Why classical/intrumental music is not just for old people

Classical music is not really that popular in my generation, which is okay. Everybody has their taste in music, including me. I’ve been playing the flute since I was eight years old and my teacher really liked Beethoven, Mozart, Hayden and Handel. 336 more words


The Hunger Games Soundtrack & More // MondayMusicday

With this blog post I’m seriously kicking off my Panem month. I hope all goes well.

I thought, why not talk about the amazing music, the score, then stuff fans made. 502 more words