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Motion in the ocean --- Putnam, DeSantis at Lobsterfest

More than claws may be cracked when two potential Republican gubernatorial rivals show up at the Lobsterfest Dinner hosted by the Palm Beach County Republican Party next month. 248 more words

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The Problem with Project Veritas

In 2014, a woman named Vanessa Stiviano recorded her boyfriend, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, saying some racist things concerning Stiviano bringing black people to Clippers games. 843 more words


CNN’s Week Gets Even Worse As ‘Full House’ Reruns Surpass Primetime Ratings — Young Conservatives

CNN, it appears, has had the worst week on the planet. First, James O’Keefe over at Project Veritas released another damning video. Then, the network ate their words when Trump confronted Putin about Russia hacking the election.

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Guess What? CNN Doesn’t Understand What a Meme Is

Here’s the childish article CNN put out on Trump’s GIF:


I was scanning the news today, and a salacious headline caught my eye from everyone’s favorite news site, CNN. 726 more words


James O’Keefe: ‘This Is the Year That We End Fake News’ — THE DC DRAIN

Story at BreitbartㅤImage from breitbart.com “President Trump’s stand against fake news will transcend his presidency in unveiling the extent of dishonest reporting by corporate news organizations.” — James O’Keefe…

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