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February 5 in history

1649 The claimant King Charles II of England and Scotland was declared King of Scotland.

1725 James Otis, American lawyer and patriot, was born (d. 483 more words


"Taxation without representation is tyranny" - James Otis | Is it time to pull support from all government?


Regarding Writs of Assistance
An act against the Constitution is void; an act against natural equity is void. Taxation without representation is tyranny.
Arguments Against the Writs of Assistance, 1761 – James Otis Jr.



The Justifications for Slavery

Early Americans, both pro-slavery and anti-slavery, explored the potential justifications for slavery in the United States.

In 1764, James Otis of Massachusetts asked “Can any logical inference in favor of slavery be drawn from a flat nose, a long or short face?” after pondering why only blacks had been enslaved. 522 more words

Early Republic

Otis: Against the “Writs of Assistance”

Background of the American Revolution

Some years prior to the Revolution, James Otis resigns his office under the crown to oppose the issue of writs of assistance which would authorize customs officers to enter any man’s house on suspicion of the concealment of smuggled goods. 2,350 more words

Background Of The American Revolution

The Revolution Began with A Fight Against Illegal Searches and Seizures

Whether left, right, middle, above, below–every single American should support Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster tonight.  Republican, democratic. . . it just doesn’t matter.  The U.S. government exists to protect us, not to spy on us. 256 more words

Important players in the American Revolution in Boston

You’ve heard their names in history class but do you really know who they are and why they are important to the roots of Revolution in Boston? 785 more words

American Revolution