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A Movie A Day #282: Jack's Back (1988, directed by Rowdy Herrington)

When med student Rick Westford (James Spader) is found hung at the free clinic where he worked, the police say that he committed suicide.  Rick’s estranged twin brother, John (James Spader), does not agree and launches an investigation of his own.  214 more words


Top Ten: Film Scenes Used In The Trailer But Not In The Film

Films are an important medium of art that show moving images. However, the trailers of certain films have scenes that were used in either the deleted scenes reel or not in the film to begin with. 343 more words


Schizopolis (1996) Brought Soderbergh Back to Home Base Only to Burn It to the Ground

One of the most exciting aspects of September’s Movie of the Month, the irreverently cerebral Steven Soderbergh comedy Schizopolis, is in trying to figure out exactly who it’s for. 1,178 more words

Brandon Ledet

Yay for Saturday!

I wish. I have 3, possibly 4 jobs today. Sounds like fun, right?

My little girl is standing right under my bed where I put my feet looking at me like, “we are going for a walk now, right?” Umm, hang on there! 329 more words


The Blacklist S5 Cover Art

On Tuesday, The Blacklist released it’s aocver art for it’s fifth season showing Megan Boone and James Spander in another chilling looking with the words Family. 29 more words

TV Series

S(Car) Tissue: David Cronenberg's "Crash"

David Cronenberg begins his film Crash, based on the novel by JG Ballard, with perhaps the purest iteration of the meet cute. He has James Spader, as film producer James Ballard, lose control of the wheel and collide directly with another car, that vehicle throwing its male passenger through both the original window and into his car. 469 more words