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🔴 Poll: What are your favorite James Spader films? 

🔴 Poll: What are your favorite James Spader films?

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Seeing Ghosts

There are two kinds of ghosts: real ones and the made-up kind. The latter are either the phony ones you see at Halloween, or the ones you see (or can’t see) on tv and at the movies– dramatic re-creations based on a screenwriter’s script or a popular novel.  1,078 more words


Bad blood: Why are so many women being killed off television shows right now?

Seeing Red, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer sixth season episode, opens with girlfriends Willow and Tara in bed together in the afterglow of finally consummating their long-held sexual tension. 1,070 more words


The Strangest Movie Remakes: Mannequin

Many would consider the sequel to the eighties classic Mannequin, titled Mannequin 2 (1991), to be simply a remake of the original, albeit with actors of lesser fame and talent (and featuring the exact same theme song, the 80s-soaked… 946 more words

There's No Real Point To This...

Ruby: Ginger…what are you watching?

Ginger: A documentary.

Ruby: …that’s not a documentary.

Ginger: No, obviously that part is a dramatic re-enactment.

Ruby: Ginger, this is… 397 more words


A New Way of Doing It: David Cronenberg's Crash (1996)

Even today this movie feels like an earth-shattering breakthrough in depicting sex in movies. Sex can be weird, kinky, scary, confusing, touching, hilarious, experimental, awkward, arousing etc. 1,090 more words


Secretary (2002)

Secretary is a real oddity. But a good oddity. Perverse and sincere in equal measure, it is refreshing in the way it presents a sadomasochistic relationship very frankly and without shock or “hot-topic” dashings. 213 more words