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James Spann Goes After Internet Trolls / The February 25th Major Snow Event In Alabama

Yes!  Alabama is going to see snow tomorrow!  The question is where and how much?  Before I talk about the snow chances, I wanted to share this post James Spann made on his social media feeds.   592 more words

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The Evening Post: James Spann Walks To Work During The 2014 Alabama Snow Event

Tomorrow will be one year since the 2014 January snow event that crippled most of North Alabama and North Georgia.  Remember when people had to find shelter, and kids had to spend the night at school?   90 more words

The Evening Post

How Do You Social Media?

According to a reputable source (aka a random friend), Facebook was first created so Mark Zuckerberg could “check out hot girls.”  Yet, the social media website has grown exponentially, to the point where everybody and their grandmother are on Facebook. 630 more words

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View The James Spann's Favorite Route To The Alabama Beaches Infographic

James Spann wrote on his blog about his favorite way to get to the Alabama Beaches.  And it’s not follow the Interstate all the way down.   71 more words


New Facebook NewsFeed Settings Mean It's Time To Use What We Learned in Grade School

Spencer Adkins, June 9, 2014

Sign and date your homework

Every teacher you and I had from elementary school through college told us that.  Now it’s time to apply that to Facebook posts.   1,625 more words

The Evening Post: Hiccups While Doing The Live TV Weather

Sometimes, getting the hiccups on live TV can be embarrassing for the person in front of the camera, but funny for the people watching!  Meteorologist Aubrey Urbanowicz out of WHSV-TV in Virginia got a case of the hiccups while she was doing her weather segment.   86 more words

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A case study in earning trust on social media: James Spann the weather man

For social media managers, trust is the holy grail. You would think making people trust you on social media would come naturally. For many people and brands, it’s not quite that simple. 479 more words

Social Media Ethics (Summer 2014)