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The Messy Politics of Line Breaks

You can always tell a poetry expert (notice I didn’t say “snob”). They’re the ones who can go on and on about line breaks. I listen with one ear for a while, then yawn and say, “Pass the peanut butter and enjambment, would you?” 557 more words


Dream On

Some people go their whole lives
without ever writing a single poem.
Extraordinary people who don’t hesitate
to cut somebody’s heart or skull open.
They go to baseball games with the greatest of ease… 406 more words


Rich Boucher | Interview

Kenneth P. Gurney. I first met Rich Boucher in 2000 at the Washington D.C. slam hosted by Nicki Miller at either Teaism or Cafe Myth.   2,743 more words

'The Cowboy' by James Tate

‘The Cowboy’

by James Tate

“Someone had spread an elaborate rumor about me, that I was
in possession of an extraterrestrial being, and I thought I knew who… 163 more words


Scaffolding Poem : thoughts on procrastination

Thoughts on the poem “Consolations after an affair” by James Tate

My impulses whisper to each other: they plan something

for the week, no doubt devious plots to distract me. 240 more words