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'McMafia' Star James Norton: There's "An Immense Appetite" For Organized Crime Drama — TCA

When it comes to UK-produced organized crime thrillers, AMC has is following form after its major hit The Night Manager. Once again, they’re exploring the topic with new eight-part show… 318 more words

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Why? Why? Why?

Guest post by James N. Watkins

If you have children,nieces and nephews, or younger siblings, you know that a three-year-old’s favorite word is why. 813 more words


Bastille Day (2016)

This was fine. It treads dangerously close to being entirely mediocre at times, but there are a handful of attributes that elevate it for most of the duration: namely, Idris fucking Elba of course, who (I marvel) exists in this world somehow, reassuring me there are things worth living for, and Richard Madden, who is so exceedingly charming it’s probably against the law somewhere (those blue eyes, mother of god). 448 more words


The Woman in Black - Day 20 NaBloPoMo 2017

The Woman in Black 2012. Directed by James Watkins.

This is quite an interesting film in several respects. Firstly, it was based on the wonderful novella of the same name by English writer, Susan Hill. 250 more words


BASTILLE DAY (2016) starring Idris Elba and Richard Madden

Idris Elba is a rare gem of an actor from England.  Stylish with spectacular screen presence, he is quickly becoming one of my favourite drama, thriller & action heroes though I haven’t yet seen many of his films. 67 more words


Eden Lake (2008)

I found this movie on a list of modern horror movies you probably haven’t seen yet… which was pretty accurate at the time because I hadn’t seen this or even heard of it. 460 more words