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The Hauntening Event Poll, Case 2 - Part 1: Where Are You??!!

Hey there all you mad scientists.

With Case 2 – Part 2 content dropping and the timer now running down on Case 2, I wanted to get an idea just where in the Case players are in regards to unlocking Exorcist Mort & Demon Hunter Joe. 37 more words

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Vampires (1998)

Vampires (1998)

Country:  USA

Director: John Carpenter

Main Stars: James Woods, Daniel Baldwin, Sheryl Lee, Ian Griffon

Storyline:  The church has hired some vampire hunters to take out the undead before they get hold of an ancient Catholic relic. 261 more words

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Blood Feast (Vampires, 1998)

Carpenter followed up Escape From L.A. with a foray into traditional monsters with Vampires.  James Woods plays the Vatican’s lead Slayer Jack Crow.  Crow leads an elite team of vampire hunters.  310 more words


A Month of Horror: Videodrome

Now we cover one of the greats! We look at David Cronenberg’s 1983 Body Horror classic Videodrome, placed at an interesting point in Cronenberg’s career, previously establishing himself as the Horror maestro of the Canadian film scene with… 379 more words

A Month Of Horror 2016

Long Live the (Betamax) Flesh

Videodrome (Blu-ray)

We’ll spice up this October Horror fest with a bit of body horror, and no-one does body horror quite like David Cronenberg. So its another welcome slice of the unwatched Blu-ray pile with last year’s Arrow release of… 386 more words


Vampires (1998)

This is one of those films which I have come across from time to time on TV, but always only caught some part of. Now I finally got hold of the DVD of… 658 more words


The Hauntening - Case 1 Ending Soon

And suddenly just like that the end of Case 1 is nigh. Time sure flies when you’re being tormented by all sorts of other worldly things. 188 more words

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