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My Name Is Bill W. (1989)

Reuniting after a successful teaming in the 1986 telefilm, Promise, James Woods and James Garner brought their acting chops once again to the small screen for this inspiring story of the men who began telling each other of their drinking problems which ultimately led to the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous. 768 more words

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Surf's Up! (2007)

Surf’s Up!
Dir. Ash Brannon and Chris Buck
Premiered June 2, 2007

I don’t know what was going on in the collective unconscious of the mid-2000s to make everyone go apeshit over penguins, but here we are. 576 more words


Elizabeth Perkins Calls Out James Woods at #MeToo March

Elizabeth Perkins named James Woods at the Take Back the Workplace and #MeToo Survivors’ march and rally in Hollywood on Sunday.

Though it is not clear what Perkins is accusing the actor of, she held a sign that read, “James Woods #MeToo.” The “Weeds” actress joined hundreds of survivors who participated in the protest of sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood. 173 more words


Actor James Woods drops a truth bomb about the NRA and mass shootings

(National SentinelGun Rights and Wrongs: In the wake of the Texas church shootings on Sunday, liberals and progressives were once again calling for new gun control measures and singling out the National Rifle Association, which is staunchly pro-Second Amendment, for abuse. 269 more words


Key Movies Of My Life: Cat's Eye (1985)

Todays Key Movie:

Cat’s Eye is Kings second motion picture script (the first being Creepshow which we discussed a weeks back) and is based on three of his short stories. 770 more words


Once Upon A Time In America

How much is that bottle of J&B in the window?

Deniro about to take a shot of J&B.