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First known North American strike was 1619 Jamestown Polish Craftsman's Strike

During his travels through Europe, John Smith of Virginia and Pocahantas fame was impressed by the expertise of Polish Craftsman, so recruited them to the Virginia colonies. 80 more words

Chief Spiny

*this story, although based off of a real experience of trapping Spiny Softshell Turtles, is meant to be fictional and comical. Chief Spiny is not a real turtle, and should not be treated as such.* 866 more words


As far as you can go - The Run

Edsel and I tried to keep out of it; our role was to help them document the geographical data that they had and teach them how to use it better, in a system that became known as… 515 more words


ALL LIVES DO MATTER. Reflections on why whites just don`t get it and blacks don`t either.

There is much talk these days about white privilege and white supremacy. As my readers know, I am vehemently opposed to these forms of oppression. However, the truth is most people who bandy about these terms have little idea just how to employ them. 988 more words

PS4 Review: Jamestown+

Jamestown+ is an enhanced port for the PS4. It takes place in an alternate timeline where the British have colonized Mars in the 17th century. All is peaceful until Martians and Spanish invaders start destroying the colonies. 341 more words


The Old Guy ... Images of Russell County Kentucky ... #7

The Old Guy … Images of Russell County Kentucky … #7

The Infamous Sign Before Complaints Had It Changed¬† … ¬†The Word Coroner has been Removed … Russell County, Kentucky… 29 more words