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Jamestown Day 8

GQ: What factors led to Jamestown’s success?

HW: Read Chs. 7, 8 and 9. Do 2 DI Post-Its for each chapter. Remember to read through the chapter before you write your post-its.

Jamestown, Day 7

GQ: What can we learn from historical maps?

HW: Complete Map Work WS on a separate sheet of paper.

Jamestown Map Activity

Interesting... (Pre-British Colonists in Virgina)

(Originally posted at http://marccarlson.livejournal.com/59567.html 6 March 2006)

I’ve been recently doing some more reading on the early colonization of Viginia (Yes again). I found an interesting article – Mallios, Seth W. 565 more words


A quick and dirty view of Williamsburg and history.

(Originally posted at http://marccarlson.livejournal.com/2855.html 5 October 2005)

The first time I went to Williamsburg, I knew next to nothing about it, beyond that it was some old colonial town that had been somewhat restored, and had a historical disctrict where people would wear 18th century clothes and that there was a shoemaker’s shop that I wanted to see. 789 more words


Jamestown, Day 6

GQ: What were the potential consequences of Powhatan choosing conflict or cooperation?


 Powhatan¹s Dilemma

Homework: Write a paragraph answering the question at the bottom of the worksheet.

Jamestown, Day 5

GQ: How can we write more effective body paragraphs?

Sample Paragraph

Editing Mistakes

Jameston General Chart 

Homework: Write a chart for Chs. 5 and 6

I Dont Have to Buy a New Shirt

So its been a long time since my last update, this has been down to several reasons, not least of which I have been waiting for a new computer to arrive. 1,529 more words

St Helena