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Adventure Is Worthwhile

By Jami Black 

I woke up before the sun rise on a Tuesday morning. Wiping my half-open eyes, 8,000 tasks on my to-do list ran through my mind. 585 more words


Moor - A Love Letter to Pakistan (Movie Review)

Moor translates as Mother. Premise: how an individual should not deceive one’s mother and motherland, why is it important stay on track and grounded, and how corruption affects the simple people who have nothing but their home and family to rely on. 609 more words


Moor - New dimension of Pakistani Cinema

After years of anticipation, #MoorTheFilm release and I got the opportunity to watch the premiere show. Before starting the review, let me go back and tell you what I expected after watching the trailer. 662 more words

Movie Review: Moor

Abnegation: Self sacrifice – usually done for a greater good (cause of humanity, self, nation etc.)

Imagine yourself on the crossroads of three pivotal life choices: choosing your future prospects; making an abnegation for your own morals and principles; or becoming a philanthropic nationalist that could change the lives of your fellow countrymen for good. 525 more words


STRINGS have done it again !

Whenever A.R Rehman and Gulzar comes together for a Motion picture soundtrack the expectations tends to get higher than normal, the core reason for that is the Master piece both have managed to produce together in the past, film’s like Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, Popular and critically acclaimed Sathiya, Dil Se, Guru and many more are just few examples of that. 500 more words