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Orang Gila Di Tarim Hafal Al-Qur'an

Salah seorang Syekh dari qabilah Al-Khotib yang tinggal di kota Tarim-Hadramaut, setiap orang yang melihatnya pasti akan menganggapnya adalah orang yang tidak berakal. Ia terkadang 180 more words


Path of love

If you have never trodden

the path of love,

go away and fall in love,

Then come back and see us.


(Jami was a persian scholar and writer of mystical Sufi literature)


Metered Silences

in another life, beloved,
place on my parched lips
songs from ancient Persia,
so I can quote Rumi to Hafez,
debate Khayyam with the gods, 107 more words


Director’s Cut

By Sonya Rehman

Local cinema is on the rise, what with the help of independent filmmakers who have brought a number of genres and stories to the big screen. 1,605 more words


Masjid Jami' Tarim

Masjid Jami’ ini di dirikan pada tahun 581 hijriyah di pusat kota Tarim, kemudian pada awal abad ke-10 (902 H) Syekh Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Balhaj Bafadhal mengajukan permohonan kepada seorang Sulton di zamannya agar masjid ini di perluas, setelah itu sang Sulton dan Sayyid Muhammad bin Ahmad Basakuteh menginfakkan hartanya untuk memperluas Masjid Jami’ ini, yang mana disekitar masjid ada tiga masjid lain sehingga disatukan menjadi satu bangunan. 224 more words


Feature | High-Concept Stories, Adaptions and Branding: The Industry’s New State of Depression

Kamran Jawaid  |  This is the unedited original copy of the feature published in DAWN’s ICON with the title “Cinema Without Ideas” on the 21st of May 2017. 2,037 more words

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The Key to Knowing Kept Man

Hello bloggers,

A few days ago I started a new book that I found in an obscure location inside the stacks of a thrift store. With an interesting title, “The Kept Man” by Jami Attenberg drew me in and I splurged my dollar on a book that I probably didn’t need. 240 more words