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My Ambivert Life: The Struggle of Being an Introverted Extrovert

By Jami Black 

All my life I’ve been able to make friends quickly, and I’ve always enjoyed going out of my way to be friendly to strangers. 386 more words


Cheers to 22 Years!

By Jami Black 

21 has been the best year of my life.

It was a year of growth and monumental life-change. Most of my experiences were unexpected, yet so wonderful that I can hardly sum it up or put it all into words, because they wouldn’t do it justice. 419 more words


12 Ways To Brighten Your Day

By Jami Black 

Lately I’ve been struggling with my moods and feelings dictating how my days go. I’ve been learning about what it looks like to regulate my moods by doing (or not doing) certain things throughout my day, and I’ve been noticing some serious results! 976 more words


Shaz Khan -- Always in to Surprise Himself

“Do I look like Sean Penn?” this doppelganger shoots at me. “I cannot really answer that question – the guy is a fantastic actor and I’m inspired by him amongst many others so if that is what I am being compared to, it is a compliment – but I am not him, we are different people.” 1,168 more words


Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Hillsong United

By Jami Black 

Hillsong United is no ordinary band. Their songs contain poetic, inspirational lyrics, and their performances are nothing short of dynamic, but their rise to fame came as somewhat of a surprise. 503 more words