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Casualty: It’s in his DNA

I don’t like the new, superstitious Dylan. I can’t really believe that a few incidents would make a man who has had a lifetime of being rational and sceptical suddenly turn into a super-cautious, talisman-toting mess whenever he sees the number four. 474 more words


Casualty: Belief is a powerful medicine

(Series 29, ep.38) Dylan has been left quite unsettled about the recent number of deaths on his watch. He shouldn’t be too despondent – I remember not so long ago there was a fuss about Dr Zoe Hanna being the top doctor for losing patients – but the reason for that turned out to be that she was the one who took the most difficult patients in the first place. 414 more words


Casualty: Over-worked and under-intoxicated

(Series 29, ep.37) The BBC Casualty website informed us that “Dylan has another bad day,” so I wasn’t expecting a happy outcome for his patient (a woman, Anne, whose husband had dementia and whose son didn’t seem all that bothered). 556 more words


Hockey's Band of Brothers: Tracking the NHL, one salary at a time

The Hanson Brothers once attracted the widespread attention of hockey fans due to their fists.

The Davis Brothers are now attracting their own large following of hockey fans due to their fingers. 706 more words


Casualty: Try being breezy

(Series 29, ep.34) It was the first week of Dylan’s tenure as Clinical Lead and, as I predicted, he’d got Dervla in helping with the filing – a cock-up at Doggy Daycare, apparently. 881 more words


Casualty: Dylan in charge

(Series 29, ep.33) Connie Beauchamp has left the building. She has resigned from her post and reactions within the ED were, predictably, mixed.

My reaction was mixed too, and I’m still confused. 368 more words