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In the Presence of the Pukwudgie at The (Haunted) Palmer House Hotel

The 1901 Palmer House Hotel is situated over the original Main Street in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Sinclair Lewis, the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930, famously worked for a brief time at The Palmer House as a desk clerk in the summer of 1902. 857 more words

Haunted Places

Interview with Jamie Davis about my Latest Book

A few days ago, author Jamie Davis posted an interview with me regarding my new book, Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges & Universities. I thought she asked some insightful questions. 131 more words

Interviews And Press

Casualty: Lucky for some

(Series 30, ep.6) Only Casualty can make a park look dangerous. As we saw Dylan walking through this community leisure facility, there were threats everywhere – people playing baseball, a model plane – massive potential for injuries from both of these. 479 more words


Casualty: The beating heart of the hospital

(Series 30, ep.1 & 2) Wow. Talk about emotional rollercoaster. Leading directly on from last week’s (literally) explosive wedding episodes, series 30 kicked off in dramatic style. 377 more words


Casualty: The wedding goes with a bang. And a splash

(Series 29, ep.46) Soap weddings are never uneventful – that would be a major waste of a plot opportunity. Even worse, they usually end in some kind of tragedy. 366 more words


Casualty: Tess leaves, world just about carries on turning

(Series 29, ep.44) This episode was the exit of beloved senior nurse Tess Bateman, a woman who has endured much during her time in Casualty, including being impaled on a spike for a whole episode and an affair with Fletch – two experiences that are in no way comparable. 405 more words


Casualty: It’s in his DNA

I don’t like the new, superstitious Dylan. I can’t really believe that a few incidents would make a man who has had a lifetime of being rational and sceptical suddenly turn into a super-cautious, talisman-toting mess whenever he sees the number four. 474 more words