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Casualty: Stop the plane, I want to get off

(Series 30, ep. 24) My opinion about Sam Strachan has completely changed from last week, when I described him as an “arrogant twonk.” The phrase I would use now is “complete tit.” Whereas Jacob Masters has now achieved the status of The World’s Most Perfect Boyfriend, if you ignore the fact that he calls Connie “sweet cheeks.”  255 more words


Casualty: Good genes?

(Series 30, ep. 23) I was never really a fan of Sam Strachan when he was on Holby. To me he was just the junior heart surgeon who wasn’t Joseph Byrne, and very much a character I could take or leave. 276 more words


Casualty: A gin-in-a-tin kind of day

(Series 30, ep. 19) The Mythical St James’s called a black alert, which meant they were swamped with the kind of patients who don’t have an interesting back-story and are therefore of no use at Holby. 426 more words


Casualty: Dr Pinky Hair less perky

(Series 30, ep.11) Is this the last we’ll be seeing of Dr Perky Pinky Hair? Was she only temporary? I ask this because at the end of last night’s episode she was emailing her resignation to Connie. 338 more words


Casualty: Beefcake

(Series 30, ep.9) I’m sorry, but I can’t take Jacob Masters seriously. Recovering from a recent gunshot wound, he was taking it easy with a spot of extreme swimming and running. 168 more words


In the Presence of the Pukwudgie at The (Haunted) Palmer House Hotel

The 1901 Palmer House Hotel is situated over the original Main Street in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Sinclair Lewis, the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930, famously worked for a brief time at The Palmer House as a desk clerk in the summer of 1902. 857 more words


Interview with Jamie Davis about my Latest Book

A few days ago, author Jamie Davis posted an interview with me regarding my new book, Ghostlore of Illinois Colleges & Universities. I thought she asked some insightful questions. 131 more words

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