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Survival Skills for the Hedge Fund Apocalypse

There’s an increasing volume of negative news regarding the “exodus from hedge funds,” in favor of less expensive alternatives such as liquid alts and “engineered equity” products. 1,056 more words

How Jamie Dimon Defies Conventional CEO Wisdom

Many business leaders – especially in industries that stir strong feelings – still believe their best strategy is to keep their heads down. Avoid being noticed if possible. 644 more words


JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon Says His Bank Could Lose $4 Billion in China

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon in his annual letter to shareholders, released on Wednesday, says that he expects more more “bumps in the road” for China’s economy going forward. 322 more words


Was There A Run On The Bank? JPM Caps Some ATM Withdrawals

Under the auspices of “protecting clients from criminal activity,” JPMorgan Chase has decided to impose withdrawal limits on certain ATM transactions. As WSJ reports, following the bank’s ATM modification to enable $100-bills to be dispensed with no limit, some  589 more words

Jamie Dimon: the successful story of a Titan in the 21st century


James or “Jamie” Dimon is the son of Theodore and Themis. Themis was born with the last name Kalos and Theodore with the name Papademetriou that had been changed previously to Dimon by Jamie’s grandfather who was a Greek immigrant that decided his family name should sound more French, instead of Greek. 610 more words


The Oil Short Squeeze Explained: Why Banks Are Aggressively Propping Up Energy Stocks

Last week, during the peak of the commodity short squeeze, we pointed out how this default cycle is shaping up to be vastly different from previous one: recovery rates for both secured and unsecured debts are at record low levels. 1,052 more words


The Craziest Video You’ll Ever Watch on JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon

Source: Wall Street on Parade, by Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Two interesting things happened this week in Jamie Dimon’s world: two gutsy attorneys, Helen Davis Chaitman and Lance Gotthoffer, published a book comparing JPMorgan Chase to the Gambino crime family, explaining how the bank could and should be prosecuted under RICO statutes for serial frauds against the investing public. 484 more words