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CEO straight talk: Do investors really want the truth?

Jamie Dimon was slammed for using profanity on an analyst call earlier this year (an admission that occasionally JPMorgan steps in “dogs—t” when it comes to legal issues, to be exact).  731 more words

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Jamie Dimon thinks we're all blowing Greece and China way out of proportion

JP Morgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon pretty much shrugged off global financial turmoil and said the most significant impact was a major shift in how US companies raised capital. 300 more words

Is JP Morgan's CEO Banking on Dodd Frank Repeal?

This article first appeared in the Huffington Post, on July 8, 2015.

As the fifth anniversary of the Dodd Frank financial reform law nears, Wall Street remains defiant at worst and flippant at best to addressing its malfeasance in the 2008 meltdown. 532 more words

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Citigroup Just Cornered The "Precious Metals" Derivatives Market

One week ago, when we scoured through the latest OCC quarterly derivative report (in which we find that the top FDIC insured 4 US banks continue to account for over 90%, or $185.5 trillion of all outstanding derivatives which as of March 31 amounted to $203 trillion; nothing new here), … 397 more words

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Read JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon's eulogy of Jimmy Lee

In a near-full St. Patrick’s Cathedral Monday morning, at what turned out to be the big-business version of a state funeral, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon delivered a eulogy of his close friend and colleague, Jimmy Lee. 1,319 more words


Not Every Criticism of a Woman is "Mansplaining" Something

Nothing in this exchange surprises me:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) didn’t take a comment by JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon sitting down.

On Wednesday Dimon…

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