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171015 Russia Introduces the CryptoRuble

Vladimir Putin himself made the announcement that Russia would issue its own cryptocurrency — the CryptoRuble.  What’s more, he said there would be no mining of CryptoRubles, that CryptoRubles could be exchanged for rubles at any time and there would be a 13% tax if the owner could not explain where they came from.   158 more words


Jamie Dimon breaks vow again: ‘Stupid’ Bitcoin buyers will pay the price

Well! Recently, JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon has said he was “not going to talk about bitcoin anymore” but he again broke his silence to go on another memorable rant about cryptocurrency. 9 more words

Bitcoin keeps hitting record highs, and Jamie Dimon doesn't want to talk about it

Jamie Dimon just can’t win with bitcoin. After a series of critical comments about the ever-appreciating cryptocurrency, yesterday JPMorgan’s chief executive pledged to stop talking… 133 more words

Opinion Piece - James Altucher On Cryptos ("8 Things You NEED to Know About Cryptocurrencies" via Laissez Faire Today)

I’ve read James on and off for many years.  He’s a pretty intelligent person and knows a good deal what he’s talking about.  When he talks cryptos, it’s worth listening to what he’s saying, if just to add to your overall perspective.  1,083 more words


Ad on WSJ by Cryptocurrency startup is a fun at Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon who is the CEO of JPMorgan told “Bitcoin is fraud” in September. As a fire back at Jamie Dimon, one of the cryptocurrency startup Eidoo took a full-page ad in the Wall street Journal. 10 more words


Wall St. locks in huge crypto profits with little risk

Wall Street’s appetite for bitcoin seems to insatiable.

Just scanning the wires this morning there are numerous stories on the crypto and how its being subsumed by different entities in the financial sector. 332 more words

Wall Street

The stock market has remembered that big banks have allies in Washington

Big banks have allies in Washington—namely, an administration packed with ex-bankers pledging to cut taxes, reduce regulations, and boost infrastructure spending. On top of that, the Federal Reserve’s plan to steadily raise interest rates is a boon for banks’ margins. 359 more words