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Fictions that Might as Well be Called "American Dirt"

As the U.S. national debt continues to balloon, it’s important to remember that the number is a fiction. People are buying and spending based on fiction (debts that cannot be repaid in the usual ways that might result in financial equilibrium). 208 more words


Billionaire Steal, Americans Broke

As president Trump continues to pretend like we have the best economy in the history of all time, average Americans are failing to keep up with the rising cost of living, wages that are not increasing, and the billionaire capitalism system continues to be rigged to steal from poor and give to the rich while Trump puts on a shit eating grin and tells us everything is great. 684 more words


THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP: Meghan, Harry, NATO, Islamism and other stories

For what we have received, may the Lord make us truly grateful

Oh dear. I think I’m having a ‘you read it here first’ moment. … 1,377 more words

Jamie Dimon

313: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon thinks wealth inequality is a problem.

The growing wealth gap separating the rich from the rest of the U.S. is an issue that needs to be resolved, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO  101 more words

ANDREW BAILEY: the strangely slow and involved past of the new Bank of England governor

On both sides of the Pond, bankers are busy looking after their own. The Slog casts his rod towards all things fishy.

“I’m not Spartacus, but I think that might be… 1,245 more words

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