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Jamie Dimon's Diaspora: The lofty perches where ex-JPMorganites land

On Thursday, British bank Standard Chartered hired Bill Winters as its chief executive. You may recognize Winters, who has been in hibernation for the past few years running a small asset management firm. 249 more words


Is JPMorgan Chase really America's dog-friendliest bank?

JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon wants investors and regulators to know that his bank is not about risky whale-sized derivatives trading. What is JPMorgan Chase really about? 723 more words


Why JPMorgan Chase wants a 'Wonderful Life' bank

These days, JPMorgan is emphasizing dog treats over derivatives.

On Tuesday, at the bank’s annual investor day, when CEO Jamie Dimon took the mic, one of the first things he told investors to do was check out one of the bank’s branches. 612 more words


JP Morgan says size doesn't matter

JP Morgan Chase executives took another swing at convincing investors America’s largest bank (by assets) shouldn’t be broken up. While going on the defensive might help the bank reframe the conversation, it’s doubtful the argument for splitting up the company is going to go away anytime soon. 281 more words

This Morning from CBS News, Feb. 18, 2015

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Obama summit

President Obama will address a “White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism” today, part of a three-day series of meetings to discuss ways of preventing the radicalization and recruitment of those who might be drawn to terrorist violence. 655 more words


"Crime Does Pay": A Whining Wall Street Banker Pleads For Pity

J.P. Morgan was recently socked in the wallet by financial regulators who levied yet another multi-billion-dollar fine against the Wall Street baron for massive illegalities. 634 more words

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