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Oliver Twist (2005)


‘Competent’ is a disappointing adjective. Perhaps it is the worst adjective one can label a film. At least the taste of a bad movie has the indecency to stick around, like the hungover morning aftertaste of a poorly-chosen kebab. 641 more words

Film Reviews


Since I started this blog I have come into contact with many people who work within the British film industry and recently I have started to get requests for me to review films and recommendations on films I may enjoy. 282 more words

Review – Pygmalion, Milton Keynes Theatre, 31st May 2014

Perhaps one’s first reaction to the prospect of seeing a production of Pygmalion might be slightly jaded. That old play? My Fair Lady without the songs? 878 more words

Chris Sparkle

Theatre Review: Pygmalion @ The Oxford Playhouse

‘Full of memorable performances and thought-provoking social observations, David Grindley’s Pygmalion is a thoroughly entertaining adaptation marred only by its lack of emotional subtlety’

It was just over a century that Bernard Shaw’s study of social inequality, Pygmalion, was first performed at London’s His Majesty’s Theatre and this infamously adaptable play has lost none of its relevance in the intervening years. 578 more words



Tuesday 15th April 2014 – Richmond Theatre

I have a special affinity with the story of Pygmalion and so when my friends invited me to join them for a performance at Richmond Theatre last night, I jumped at the chance. 387 more words



Botched (2007)
★ / ★★★★

Ritchie (Stephen Dorff), along with two colleagues, successfully stole a suitcase of diamonds from an auction in France. But on the way to the meet their boss, the trio get into a car accident. 541 more words

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean