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Look Out, Jamie Lee! He's Back!

Forty years after the release of John Carpenter’s Halloween, Michael Myers is heading home. A new Halloween, which will be the 11th film in the franchise, retcons away all but the first two films in the series and takes place four decades after the events in those two movies. 55 more words


Halloween Deboot

First I wanna start with, what is a “deboot.” It’s a word that was coined in the Simpsons that I think describes this new Halloween movie. 435 more words

The Parallel Universes of the Halloween Franchise

By Michael Casey

Say what you will about Halloween 3: The Season of the Witch; it’s definitely the most unique film in the series. It’s the only one to not feature Michael Myers in a starring role, and it has a distinct atmosphere that is more in line with a Science Fiction movie than a Horror flick. 815 more words


Dwa oblicza serii "HALLOWEEN"

Niedawno w sieci zadebiutował zwiastun do nowej odsłony “HALLOWEEN“. Film nazywa się tak samo jak oryginał Johna Carpentera i remake Roba Zombie, ale tak naprawdę jest sequelem do tego pierwszego (czyli anuluje wszystkie późniejsze odsłony). 2,027 more words

Filmowe Refleksje

Trailer Review: Halloween

Halloween is being rebooted again. Well, I suppose this is not a reboot, but instead a sequel to the first movie. It picks up many years after the movie and retcons all the sequels.  327 more words


Why Halloween Is Finally Scary Again

John Carpenter’s Halloween is considered to be a classic slasher film by horror fans. But a series of sequels and a reboot took the sharpness out of Michael’s knife over time leaving fans with a dull franchise. 24 more words