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Remembering Number 81

By: Emma Krump

The fall of 2006 was supposed to be a time of all things beginning again.  The leaves were inexorably changing from their summer green hue to dashes of orange, yellow, and red that filled the trees of Caldwell.   701 more words


Episode 161 - "The Faceless Ones" - Part 05

When last we saw our heroes, a plane or two had crashed, but no one seems to be exactly sure as to what’s going on. Turns out that the alien-controlled plane is now in space. 345 more words


The Space Pirates

‘Oh dear, Madeleine, you’ve disappointed me. We could have made a fortune together, instead of which I have to leave and you have to die.’ … 1,424 more words

Missing Adventures

Across the Water: a short story

Staff Writer

Tonight, the moon lies drowned at the bottom of a swimming pool, singing soft requiem for love. The sad boy sits alone at the edge, feet dangling over the water. 304 more words

Sword And Shield

Episode 160 - "The Faceless Ones" - Part 04

Well, here we are, back again. Thanks for your patience, everyone! Let’s get back to it.

So, oh, yeah, in the last episode a police inspector was kidnapped by the bad guys. 303 more words


People Of The Nether - Jamie

Basic Information

Full name: Jamie Lynn Soto
Nickname(s) or Alias: Red, Ib, Sparkles
Gender: Cisgender Female
Species: Human
Birthday: June 21st, 1996
Sexuality: Questioning
Nationality: American… 527 more words

RED TIDE By Peg Brantley

My thanks to the author for a free copy. I found it difficult to write a review about this story and would score 3.5 stars. I like Jamie and her dogs very much. 119 more words