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Recent Read: Outlander

I finally finished a book!!!

OK, so this was the second book I’ve finished recently, but Outlander took me forever to read.

That may be in part because it is a behemoth to read (600+ pages depending on the version, possibly more than 800+). 408 more words


Roasted Cauliflower+Chickpeas with Mustard+Parsley

Roasted cauliflower is tasty on its own but the mustard dressing adds so much flavor to this dish.  This is a very filling, protein packed side dish.   179 more words



 Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
West London band Babe Heaven are Nancy, Jamie and Milo.

“I started playing guitar at around 11 when I, in the most clichéd way, got really into Jimi Hendrix” Jamie tells us. 308 more words

Indie Pop

Enemy of the World, Part 4

The Doctor and Kent wait to make contact with Astrid again.  Fariah follows Astrid at Kent’s office and reveals her desire to betray Salamander, which the Doctor and Kent eventually decide to believe after she hands over proof Salamander… 312 more words

Second Doctor

The Seeds of Death

Sometimes, I get to a serial title that I recognise as being iconic, but with very little prior knowledge of what to expect. I therefore assume that it’s either notoriously good or notoriously shit. 649 more words

Second Doctor

Mud Bird Nest

The other day Jamie and I were heading into Target when he pointed out a mud bird nest up near the ceiling of the entryway. Google tells me it was a barn swallow’s nest.