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Episode 191 - "Enemy of the World" - Part 06

And so we reach the end of one of my favorite stories. And it ends with a bang!

This was really a satisfactory ending to the story. 156 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 190 - "Enemy of the World" - Part 05

In today’s episode, we learn more about Salamander’s bunker, watch Jamie and Victoria get tormented, and learn that a potential bad guy is, perhaps not that bad at all. 219 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 189 - "Enemy of the World" - Part 04

So I just now noticed that the correct title of this story is “The Enemy of the World”. Whoops. Well, I’m not going back to change it now. 140 more words

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Wednesday Women: Jamie

Meet Jamie.

Hi, I’m Jamie. I am 28 years old, german and recently started life as a digital nomad. Previously I worked in an advertising agency in Vienna as a Graphic Designer but the atmosphere of the field didn’t suit me. 697 more words


22. A New Day

“It’s Thanksgiving!” shouted Jamie as he bounced on his parents’ bed, with them still buried under the covers.

“Not for another five minutes, Jamie,” groaned JJ as he pulled the covers over his head. 1,176 more words

The Search

21. Light the Way

“Well, what do you say? Put down the magnifying glass, and I’ll let him go.”

Jack aimed his staff at Pitch, “How do we know you’ll do as you say.” … 1,296 more words

The Search

#LLLPlay and “abusive laughter,” act 3: Editorial comment #richardarmitage [spoilers]

Continued from here (performance description) or here (previous editorial interjection — be aware of commentary on my use the term “abusive laughter” there).


It’s a huge generalization, of course, but many spectators who saw this production of this play whose reactions I’ve heard or read (apart from those of theater critics) indicated that Acts One and Two were more successful than Act Three. 3,743 more words

Richard Armitage