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Photos of Jamie

So as to better understand me, I decided to post some photos of me having fun with photo booth.  This is what I like to do and send to Claire to make her smile



Good morning you!I woke up so early today,first thing that popped in my head was that i wanted to share this FOCACCIA recipe with you! 517 more words

When Opportunity Knocks

Jamie Smith built her career on Capitol Hill by following one motto: “Follow the person, not the job.” 289 more words


Episode 143 - "The Highlanders" - Part 03

I watched most of this episode while eating my dinner, so I didn’t really “live write” about it. But here are my thoughts!

The bits of high comedy continue, with the Doctor in a dress, mostly, and Polly and Kirsty encountering Ffinch. 100 more words


Why I Fight So Hard for DeKalb Medical and SeeBaby

I spent a lot of time at DeKalb Medical while I was pregnant with Brielle and, while I can’t speak for the rest of the hospital, the staff in the Women’s Center were incredible. 412 more words


Episode 142 - "The Highlanders" - Part 02

They say that in the end, there can be only one. Yet here we are, born to be kings, and watching episode two!

Episode two begins with bagpipes, so…trigger warning. 317 more words