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Jamin Hubner on Creationism and Presuppositionalism

Recently, Jamin Hubner writes,

Many old-earthers and young-earthers do not disagree on the doctrine of Scripture or the nature of inerrancy; they disagree on how to interpret the biblical text.

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Christianity And Science

Of Infant Baptism, Presuppositions, And Binding Traditions That Return To The Law

Third Baptism Debate Released

The basis for the New Covenant being “not like” the old covenant is found in the second half of verse 6: “For they did not continue in my covenant, and so I showed no concern for them, declares the Lord.” Here’s what Greg Nichols says:

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Bad Teaching

Dear Jamin,

Jamin Hubner offers his advice to a fan.

Apparently, a tender soul stumbled across some disturbing information that contradicts Jamin’s anti-Dispensational meta-narrative.

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The Protocols of the Elders of Dispensationalism

Jamin Hubner is becoming like a YRR version of Jack Chick, but without the funny comics. Whereas Jack Chick attributes all the ills in the Christian church to Roman Catholicism, Jamin attributes them to Dispensationalism. 842 more words

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Israel and the Language of Expansion

What really is at the heart of Jamin’s views of Israel, the modern state of Israel, and whether Israel can lay claim upon the Holy Land? 248 more words

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Questions for An Anti-Dispensationalist

Jamin Hubner makes an absurd comparison.

Talking about the history of the state of Israel with Zionist Dispensationalists … is as useful as talking about the history of the Bible with King James Onlyists. 328 more words

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The Three Simple Questions on the State of Israel

Jamin Hubner tells us again how uber-Reformed he truly is. With his latest series of posts, he attempts to uncover the political machinations Dispensationalism has had upon American foreign policy in the Middle East. 1,043 more words

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