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Groove Of The Week #22 & #23: 'Borrowing' From The Best, Understanding Tradition and 'Bass Player Maths'

It seems like there’s been a spate of cases in recent months concerning pop artists being accused of plagiarising existing songs:

Free Bass Transcriptions

Music Time

Hello again,

Yes, I know three posts in one day may be excessive, but I assure you you will not always be so bombarded by me. 929 more words

From Another Galaxy My Heart's At Zero Gravity

I am a fan of Star Wars.

There. I admitted it. For the few of you who know me personally, that statement is probably accompanied by an exasperated sigh and possibly a mumbled “We GET it. 347 more words


Throwback Thursday! "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai

This video made me trip balls before I even knew what tripping balls was. But when I found out, I took some drugs then really tripped balls. 52 more words


Day 300: Canned Heat

I remember seeing Napoleon Dynamite for the first time. I watched it with Miles. I remember laughing and laughing so hard at the dance scene.  I need to watch it again and remember watching it with him. It was summer.

This Corner Of The Earth: 5 places abroad where I felt at home

My favorite musical group is Jamiroquai. I’ve ¬†been loving their jazzy, poppy tunes since the early 90s, and can’t pick an absolute favourite of their extensive library of songs, as they are all amazing in their own way. 491 more words