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The blogging gift that keeps on giving

Not long ago, I wrote a post about the fact that people are reading a particular one of my posts every day. Except for one day that it escaped their attention, ‘Whatever happened to?: Jamiroquai’ is keeping its lead as the daily front runner on my blog for the last two months. 232 more words


The often crazy world of blogging

Something came to my attention recently that yet again reminded me what a strange and wonderful place we inhabit, those of us who choose to blog. 144 more words


Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride

Yeah! Gonna make it better
Yeah! Gonna make it right
Here it is, there’s no way to make it better
Yet you do, It’s pressure (pressure) 309 more words


Not Quiet There Yet...

I lost myself. I am still loosing it, bit bit bit…month by month, but that hasn’t stopped me from shaking a leg or bobbing my head and or crooning to these here beauties… 38 more words


Embracing Beauty • Day 8 • More Examples of Beauty in Music

As we begin week two in our 31 day search for beauty, I want to remind my readers why we are doing this by glancing at some of today’s headlines. 163 more words

Embracing Beauty

"Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai

Despite being originally released in 1997 from the album Synkronized, this song gained a second life thanks to the film Napoleon Dynamite some seven years later. 30 more words


I Love N'Sync

Long story short, I found myself watching some N’Sync videos a few weeks ago. Couple reasons (besides The Hot One) that I love N’Sync: 164 more words