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James Explains Schrödinger's Cat Amongst Other Things

Hello and welcome back to ‘James Explains’, the bit of my blog where I explain things that other people claim to want to know more about, but possibly don’t really want to know about. 705 more words


Jammie Dodger Cheesecake

Did you hear about the gang who stole £20,000 worth of Jammie Dodgers?  No, this isn’t the opening of some joke, this is something that actually happened in South Wales a couple of years ago.   185 more words


Jammie Dodgers Cupcakes 

Welcome back

For todays post is going to be a baking one, today im going to be showing you how to make jammie dodgers cupcakes these are simple to make so they easy for you to join along & bake them… 287 more words


Jammie Dodgers

Because I would kill a man to go to England, but for now these cookies will do. 

If you ask M how many cups of tea I drink in the day he would most likely tell you that he loses count before lunch. 469 more words