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Members of the Media Now Outnumber Protesters in Ferguson

Why is that? It occurs to me that it’s because the media really loves this story.

You should ask yourself why.

FOX News reported, hat tip to… 132 more words


Remember Who Predicted Russia Could Invade Ukraine?

Screen capture above from Weasel Zippers. Read more at Jammie Wearing Fools.

Palin mentioned the situation on Twitter today…

Yes, I could see this one from Alaska.

26 more words

WHOA! Greta Van Susteren Schools Trayvon Martin Family Attorney

The Martin family may want to find a new lawyer.

Jasmine Rand went on the Greta Van Susteren show tonight to answer a few questions and found herself getting knocked around by Greta, with good reason. 93 more words



We’re in the battle of evermore folks, whether we like it or not.

The enemy is ready to fling human excrement at us and we need real warriors.


Law Firm Representing State Department Whistleblowers Just Happens To Be Robbed

Multiple times…

Well there’s obviously nothing shady about this story.

So what if some people broke into the office of a law firm representing people who could make the State Department look bad? 291 more words


PHOTO: Obama Uses United States Marine Like A Personal Servant

Here’s Obama using a US Marine to hold an umbrella over him to keep off the rain. Notice how he’s grabbing the marine’s elbow to adjust the umbrella as if he was positioning an old-fashioned TV antenna. 17 more words


When The Media Is Finished Looking For Right Wing Extremism...

They might want to report on the fact that there was a riot in Seattle last night where people destroyed private and public property, hurled rocks and bottles at police, attacked innocent bystanders, assaulted members of the media and worse. 132 more words