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Conserves, preserves and jam

As my we were tootling along somewhere, for no remembered reason, we began to talk about jam… maybe we had started by talking about marmalade, the making of which we are experts, or maybe it was something else which triggered the conversation, but we began to wonder what the difference was between preserves and conserves and how they were different from jams. 504 more words


Gaye Carey's Grandmother's No Cook Persimmon Jelly

This recipe is from Molly Liggin Rankin. She offered this tip: better put “Japanese Persimmon”….that’s what we used…not sure how native persimmons work out, especially if they’re not ripe enough. 14 more words

Jams, Jellies And Preserves

Raspberry Jam

Made raspberry jam about two weeks ago with berries my friend picked at his farm.

Bursting with raspberry flavor, a gorgeous vibrant red color, all the “jars” popped so were properly sealed… but… 141 more words

Tomato & Apple Chutney

We recently received a large batch of apples, but after a week’s worth of apple juice, two crumbles, apple puree stored in the freezer, we still had a lot to use up.   353 more words


Loquats, and barberries in bunches jam

Many cookery and food writers would have people believe that Britain was an austere and grey place in terms of what we ate, until we were introduced to the wonders of french and continental cooking… During and after the war to be sure food was rationed and there were many things which were not available – there are so many stories of young children trying to work out what to do with a banana having never seen one before, because of course our little island was blockaded . 548 more words


Marrow and gin jam with soused herrings

When we were young there were all sorts of myths about what “foreigners” ate… it seemed gross to us as little children that people would eat snails or frogs legs, and as for insects, whether they were covered in chocolate or not, they sounded just too gross. 457 more words


Jam cooked in the sun

When I buy or am given a new book – or an old book which is new to me, I’m always interested in who wrote it and when and how old they were when they did so. 270 more words