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Jan Crouch, Professional Money Raiser

Jan Crouch, who 43 years ago co-founded the world’s largest Christian television network with nothing more than a pocket full of hope, hair resembling the helmet Rick Moranis wore is Spaceballs, and $30,000 in fraudulently secured donations, is now crouching sideways six-feet under a praying mantis. 216 more words

The Passing of 4 Major Figures in 2016

Charles Caldwell Ryrie (March 2, 1925 – February 16, 2016) was an American Bible scholar and Christian theologian. He served as professor of systematic theology… 230 more words

Paul & Jan Crouch: An example of the Evangelical Industrial Complex in action

If you want a good example how the Evangelical Industrial Complex (EIC) works, this article from Marsha West from Berean Research provides good insight into how the Christian A-Post-ate spin the lives of Paul and Jan Crouch: 2,227 more words

Jan Crouch and Muhammad Ali- questions of death, final destination, and eternity

Jan Crouch died a few days ago. Muhammad Ali died yesterday. Famous people dying makes us think about eternity. The news coverage puts eternity into the spotlight, along with the eternal question, what happens after death? 1,633 more words

Chookwatcher entity argues with itself again

If you’re fairly new here, you may not realise that chookwatcher is actually made up of several people all operating under the same pseudonym.

This rather hideous conglomeration leads to some interesting cross-commentry. 481 more words