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Democrats Reintroduce 'Frack Pack' Oil And Gas Regulations

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A group of bills called the “Frack Pack” announced Thursday by four Democratic congressmen would impose more stringent federal environmental regulations on a domestic petroleum industry lately suffering from its own success amid a persistent downturn in oil prices. 558 more words


Newshour: Netanyahu's speech 2/3/2015

today (monday 2nd), 1.40-1.44pm, and 9.05-9.15pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
newshour (presented by razia iqbal and julian marshall) includes … 57 more words

"Ham Handed Politics": Netanyahu Becomes Political Player, So Kerry Treats Him Like One

Secretary of State John Kerry testified on Capitol Hill yesterday, and going into the hearing, it was widely expected that he’d tout the importance of international nuclear talks with Iran. 529 more words


World War II Vet, 91, Gets Bundle Of Combat Medals

(CBS) — A retired 91-year-old Skokie man Friday received his World War II combat medals — 70 years late.

“Is this fuss really necessary?” Milton Kaplan asked as he entered Skokie Village Hall for the ceremony. 247 more words


DAILY OBSERVATION: Who is Donny Ray Williams?

I was poking around the Internet on the story about Elizabeth Lauten — you know, that GOP staffer who went on line to criticize the President’s daughters. 540 more words

Rep. Jan Schakowsky reports some weight loss trying to #LiveTheWage

Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky continued over the weekend to live the minimum wage challenge, during which politicians limit their food expenses to $77 a week ($290 a week income at $7.25 an hour less $176.48 for housing and $35.06 for taxes). 293 more words

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Democrats find living on minimum wage is tough

Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland ran out of money and walked instead of taking taxis. Rep. Mark Takano of California tweeted a picture of the black beans and rice he ate for dinner, while Rep. 400 more words