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Jan Svankmajer Write up

Jan Svankmajer was a Czech filmmaker who used his experience to create animations of his own using stop motion.  Jan used both clay and also dolls and other objects laying around him to complete his animations.  308 more words


Stop Motion

Jan Svankmajer: Stop Motion

         Jan Svankmajer a Czech born animator is known for his use of clay and inanimate objects that come to life and he is a well known surrealists. 533 more words


Neco Z Alenky (1988)

Czechoslovakia/Switzerland/UK/West Germany/Soviet Union 84m, Colour
Director: Jan Švankmajer; Cast: Kristýna Kohoutová

Loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Neco Z Alenky is a wonderfully macabre and highly creative film that blends live action with stop motion animation. 59 more words


Black Moon (1975) was the Most Honest Surrealist Take on Lewis Carroll’s Alice . . . Until Alice (1988)

We were having a hard time in our initial conversation about August’s Movie of the Month, the fantasy realm art piece Black Moon, in pinpointing an exact interpretation of the film’s basic plot or intent. 843 more words

Brandon Ledet

EFC II #44 - Alice {Něco z Alenky} (1988)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#44 – Alice (1988)
Dir. Jan Švankmajer
Starring: Kristýna Kohoutová

The forty-forth installment of the Epic Film Challenge II, a surreal, bizarre blend of stop motion animation, live action, and the classic Lewis Carroll tale Alice in Wonderland, from Jan Švankmajer: Alice. 47 more words

Epic Film Challenge

10 Movies for Poets

The cinema of poetry — those films based on poems, inspired by the lives of poets, or films filled with emotional and imaginative visuals — has given us some of the most resonant works of art in movie history. 2,055 more words


Jan Švankmajer and his final film

It became extremely difficult for directors to realize a film independent and free from major studios. But now there seems to be a new way. 327 more words

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