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Waffle Recommends - Top Obscure Surreal Films

Cube (1997)
Director: – Vincenzo Natali

Seven complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily thrown into an endless kafkaesque maze containing deadly traps. 460 more words



Do ver,

Eva Svankmajerová.

E de imagem em imagem encontrar o maravilhoso Alice de Jan Svankmajer.


Return to Prague School

Since we were talking about claymation and stop motion last time I thought it would be prudent to mention Jan Svankmajer.

If you’re looking for first class stop motion, he is the man you should turn to. 126 more words


Jan Svankmajer's Alice - 7/10

Really weird film… even by Alice in Wonderland standards.

Being unfamiliar with Czech director Jan Svankmajer’s previous work and also a bit patchy on surrealist cinema in general I didn’t quite know what to expect when I sat down with a pint of Doncaster’s finest ale at Phantom Cinema’s latest screening. 397 more words

Rated 4-7

Short Film Saturday: The Hand

I happened upon this film by chance. I had yet to see a film by Jiří Trnka. Having seen many of Švankmajer’s works I always wanted to. 13 more words

Short Film Saturday

Alice (1988) "Film of the Week"

Alice (1988)

This Lewis Carroll adaptation, from a brilliant Czech surrealist, is too wild and wonderful for kids.

Director: Jan Svankmajer

Best quote: “Alice thought to herself, Now you will see a film…made for children…perhaps.” 165 more words


Jan Svankmajer - Artist Research - Beyond Fiction

my first ideas revolved around the use of clay as a material. Many people recommended Svankmajer for his use of very raw materials for animation. Although I love the look of this animation I think the clay used here is probably plasticine and not actual clay. 74 more words