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You Have Been Warned...

In an effort to make reading this blog bearable… or at the very least intelligible, I’ve signed up to WordPress’s Blogging U: Blogging 101.  This is simply fair warning that there may be an increase in random posts and nonsense, changes to the lay out, content, maybe even a name change over the next few weeks while I try out new techniques, hints and tips etc, to improve the reader’s (that’s you) overall experience.   746 more words


Juneathon's not just for June... (Juneathon Day 30)

it’s for life!


… can you imagine having to go through the same month over and over again… especially this one!! SACK THAT NOISE!!! 305 more words


Slump... (Juneathon Day 29)

My birthday* falls in Janathon and my wedding anniversary in Juneathon, which means for at least one day out of each event, exercise is likely to be a complete non-starter…  and yet this still comes as a complete surprise to me every year. 636 more words


My 101st Post

One hundred and one posts. 101. I cannot quite believe that number. Surely it’s wrong!? Yesterday I got my 100th post congratulatory badge from wordpress and my jaw dropped. 361 more words


Intrinsic/extrinsic motivation. Rewards and running.

Why do I run?

How many blog posts try to answer this question?

I’m not sure I know the answer…to either of the above. Partly because the answer changes day to day, month to month, year to year. 1,039 more words


Day 13: a mixture of melancholy and pain

I went to visit my mum in her care home today. If I’m completely honest I always find it a bit of a struggle getting myself down there. 203 more words


I’ve been struggling with my swimming this season. Last year I was a beginner, and almost every week my times were tumbling, I could swim further, push myself faster. 1,171 more words