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The Janathon 2017 Postmortem Edition

Janathon has kick started 2017 in a similar fashion to the end of 2016 , with injury affecting my good intentions. It has also ended in a similar way to my previous Janathon attempts in that I really cannot blog everyday for a month. 312 more words


Janathon 2017, Day 31 - I survived

I survived Janathon.
Not only that, but I exercised every day in January because of Janathon.

I’d hoped to go for a short run today, but it’s been a sleep day. 270 more words


Day 31 - Final tally

Just a brief lunchtime walk. I spotted some snowdrops – perhaps a reminder that January (and therefore Janathon) is over and we are one step closer to spring. 70 more words

Janathon 2017, Day 30 - It's Day 30!

Today I put my music on at full blast and walked up and down the room until I’d reached my daily step goal.

Today’s music was as follows: 249 more words


Day 30 - Foggy day

Back to work today. I cycled to work and did a home visit by bike too. It was foggy but mild, that’s good enough for me. 47 more words

Janathon 2017, Day 29 - No Geocaching

This is why I didn’t get to go geocaching today.
Well, sort of.

This was what I looked like a couple of days ago: Eyes streaming, no way on earth that I could breathe through my nose. 228 more words


Day 29 - The Pool (again) 

For variety I went back to the pool today. Because I’m still protective of my knee, I did less breast stroke and more front crawl. So far my legs seem fine. 91 more words