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Jane Austen and Knitting

As school is winding down for most people, I am feeling the need for a bit of an academic challenge. More than just reading a new book. 346 more words

Knitted Items

What I've Been Reading This Week

I subscribe to lots of things–probably too many–and as such whenever I go on vacation (or don’t feel like reading things), I develop a huge backlog of reading. 406 more words


If Holden Caulfield was a girl...

This weekend, I read my first Virginia Woolf novel: Orlando. Knowing that Woolf has a bit of a … reputation … among literary circles, I was prepared for something out of the ordinary.  975 more words


Classics Your Kids Will LOVE!

Classics are the crux of literature. They are books that were so thoughtful, loved, and beautiful, that they lasted decades and centuries. Whether you are were a mother in the 1800’s or a child born in 2005, they are books that are so accurate in their portrayal of human nature that almost everyone enjoys or relates to them. 366 more words


Misfortunes and Fortunes

This morning, I had the great misfortune of taking my sibling to the airport at 5 AM, thus entailing my awaking at 4:30 AM. Despite having worked at a job that started at 4 AM in the morning from 2012-2017, I was in the pleasant disposition of discovering myself a morning person. 1,091 more words

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Prosperous to be Humble

“It is very difficult for the prosperous to be humble.”  Emma by Jane Austen


Sense and Sensibility

I finally have a copy of one of the most iconic Austen adaptations! 519 more words