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Pride and Prejudice and violent young lovers

As one of the most famous and beloved novels ever written, Pride and Prejudice needs little introduction. Instead, I’ll pose the question: what makes a book re-readable? 802 more words

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Reading Rules Made to Be Broken

Like most avid readers, I’ve spent most of my life ascribing to a certain set of (ironically) unwritten rules pertaining to books. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to question the actual importance of these “rules,” so to speak, and why so many serious readers adhere to them so rigidly. 515 more words

First Impressions: Sense and Sensibility

It’s a miracle: I’m actually obsessed with a classic novel??? Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of classics, I didn’t finish Wuthering Heights and I’m also only half through with Pride and Prejudice (although that’s because I read… 359 more words


The Importance of Reading Classics

We all have to read classic literature at one point in our lives, usually in school, and if you’re lucky also at university. Those endless discussions about why the author chose that particular comma or the symbolism behind the protagonist’s green socks can scar people for life. 662 more words

Meeting Report: Gathering and Discussing "Emma"

The Central California region once again gathered to delve into Austen’s work by discussing “Emma”. Committee member Erin Connor offered an overview of adaptations of “Emma” in the modern media and everyone’s favorite (and least favorites!) were mentioned. 36 more words


Vote! Jane Austen Madness 2019-Favorite Quotes!

Jane Austen Madness: 2019!https://www.facebook.com/events/737450563322785/

It’s another year of “Jane Austen Madness!” This year’s theme is “Favorite Quotes” and we are voting in rounds, rather than the whole bracket at once! 90 more words


Sense and Sensibility Preview

Hello Bookies! We can’t believe it but we are on our fourth book, Sense and Sensibility! We decided it was time to dive into the classics, and what better way than to read one of Jane Austen’s novels! 251 more words

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