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The Secrets of Netherfield Abbey- Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Although Elizabeth teased Catherine for being so eager to meet with the Miss Thorpe, by Tuesday morning, she could think of no better idea. 2,065 more words

Elizabeth Bennet

Characters of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

What I enjoy so much about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is that they really are all about THE Lizzie Bennet although they sometimes refer her as rambling on about… 1,353 more words

Currently... (Thursday edition)

Currently reading: Fahrenheit 451

the bookmark my husband got me from the school he works for… lol

I started reading this book today. It seems interesting, the plot reminds me a bit of the movie Equilibrium. 380 more words


Pride and Prejudice Obsession

Yeah… I am obsessed. I am so obsessed that I keep watching my favorite moments from the movie, Pride and Prejudice, and I have been doing this at least once a day. 903 more words


New Materialists in Contemporary Art

Susanne Witzgall –

art history, curator, professor in the academy of fine arts of Munich

1. State of Art

“Materials advance valued co-actors with their own creative powers and epistemic qualities that challenge the dominance of language.” “(…) the binary oppositions between human/animal, human/machine, culture/nature, signs/things, mind/matter, life/non-life – should be questioned.” 1,318 more words

Love Comes First, Then Comes Marriage... Or not?

One aspect of the novel so far that I find very interesting is the friendship between Charlotte and Elizabeth. In this first section we read, we are introduced to the dynamic of their relationship and the differences between them when it comes to their views on marriage. 396 more words

Sufficient Encouragement- Epilogue

Yippee! My husband fixed my computer! I’m not sure what the problem was. :( Thanks so much to everyone who read along and commented. I need to do some edits and then send it to the editor and then more edits before publication. 1,694 more words

Elizabeth Bennet