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To be like Jane

Jane Bennet. Of all the characters in Pride and Prejudice, I think she is the one most underestimated. Everyone remembers her because she’s beautiful and kind, and everyone dismisses her because she’s beautiful and kind. 507 more words

Jane Austen

Wallpaper: Jane Austen - Five of Them!

Wallpaper of Lizzy and her sisters from the 1995 Pride and Prejudice using a quote by Mrs. Bennet from the 1940 adaptation. Size: 1920x1080px. Download


Wait ... What? (Part 4)

So everything we knew (or thought we knew) … yeah, not so much. Darcy rides in with his disastrous proposal and pretty-dang-impressive letter to clear up a few faulty assumptions — making life SUPER uncomfortable for Lizzie, and SUPER interesting for us. 1,377 more words


If You Have Nothing Nice to Say ... You're Probably Lady Catherine (Part 3)


Lady Catherine is on the hunt for a husband (for her daughter … though the way she’s behaving, you might wonder), and our dear Lizzy finds herself squarely in the old snoot’s¬†crosshairs. 1,383 more words


(Request) Movie Character Cartoon # 11 - Jane Bennet

As I’m getting the hang of drawing cartoon movie characters, I thought that I should try more females from film. I asked for some suggestions on some… 265 more words


Undone Business- Chapter One

This story came from wondering what would happen if Sir William Lucas never interrupted Darcy and Elizabeth’s dance at Netherfield. My primary thought was that Darcy would not be as concerned that Bingley was seriously interested in Jane and I wanted to know what Bingley would do. 4,203 more words

Fitzwilliam Darcy