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Holy Smoke (1999)

Kate Winslet is amazing in this. The film itself is a mixed bag but it has enough to sustain interest. Campion’s skewed eye and her love of supporting oddballs are a highlight. 263 more words

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Ecstacy in Motion - Ladies of the Lake

A haunting moment featured in the penultimate episode of Jane Campion & Gerard Lee’s hypnotic mystery serial Top of the Lake, aired back in 2013. 116 more words

Ecstacy In Motion

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Bright Star (2009)

This week in Hit Me With Your Best Shot, our friend Nathaniel, whose website The Film Experience is celebrating the work of Jane Campion this month, asked us to watch the director’s latest theatrical feature (which came out an unacceptable six years ago! 556 more words


April 30 in history

313  Roman emperor Licinius unified the entire Eastern Roman Empire under his rule.

1006  Supernova SN 1006, the brightest supernova in recorded history, appeared in the constellation Lupus. 815 more words


Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Bright Star

‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ is part of a long-running series created by Nathaniel Rogers of The Film Experience. It asks writers to pick their favorite frame of a movie and expand on how it represents the movie as a whole to him or her.’ 61 more words

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Top 10 Female Filmmakers

The Script Lab posted a list of Top 10 Female Directors just a few days ago. While I admire their intention of giving some much deserved attention to female filmmakers, they could at least try to make the list a little more diverse. 1,095 more words


Film Crit Cram School: Sweetie

I’ve heard of Jane Campion, but this was my first encounter with her work. Appropriately, “Sweetie” is also her first full-length movie — before, she’d only worked on short films. 548 more words

Film Crit Cram School