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Slip (Jane Doe Six Sentence Stories)

“…and now I’m just…this…close…to snagging a guy with all that money,” Torrey  finishes, gasping at herself, blushing bright pink and wiping her mouth.

“Goodness, maybe I’d better stop having wine with my highlights before I spill… 89 more words

Flash Fiction

Usher Is Been Sued $10 Million, For Exposing Woman To Herpes (STD)

I had sex with a woman earlier this year who had no idea he was exposing her to Herpes … according to a new lawsuit she’s filed for millions of dollars. 176 more words


Oh, Deer!

I’m not one to complain about federal employees, but how hard could it be to put letters in the right mailbox? The name and address is printed right there on the front. 233 more words


Nice to Meet You (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

The bus stops suddenly; Jane barely catches her book midair. She throws an annoyed glance the driver’s way as she rebraces her feet against the floor, gripping the strap harder. 118 more words

Flash Fiction

Beacon (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

Jane edges up the tiny spiral staircase, bending to look through the mullioned windows. Gulls wheel, screeching; the sea murmurs. The top level is nothing like she’d imagined a lighthouse would be: Hardwood floors, foghorn mechanism, and arc lamp all gleam in angled sunlight. 142 more words

Flash Fiction

Episode 29: Grab Bag II

The Grab Bag is BACK!  Almost a year ago we terrorized our listeners with a random assortment of terrors, and we are doing it again!  Your butts should be held, and your y’alls should be ready for this, because we are going to pull some horrors out of the nightmare bag! 182 more words


Fray (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

Jane sits in the reception area, her face a mask of pre-interview eagerness, mentally rehearsing everything she’s learned about this company.

If she crosses her legs, she can hide the crease in her slacks. 201 more words

Flash Fiction