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Carrot Cake (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

The mindless chatter of two dozen people washes over Jane’s head, normally a wall of sound to hide behind but today, something to navigate. She balances her paper plate of cake – carrot, with cream cheese frosting, a favorite – careful not to jostle as she makes her way to where Barbara sits, queenlike, amid bona fide paralegals. 103 more words

Flash Fiction

Md. Police Release Composite Image Of Jane Doe; Remains Found In 2005

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Police in Maryland have released a composite image of an unidentified female whose remains were found in 2005.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department found the remains of a woman in a wooded area in Baltimore almost 13 years ago and they have recently released a composite image of what the woman might have looked like with the help of a DNA technology company. 144 more words


Crane (Jane Doe Six Sentence Stories)

Becca finishes her lunch, reluctant to go back to the office and forsake the cool, green quiet of the cemetery, when movement stops her short. 259 more words

Flash Fiction

Woman Testifies That Oakland Man Raped Her Repeatedly In 2012

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A young woman testified this week that a man repeatedly raped her at a San Leandro apartment in 2012 after he offered her a ride and to take her to lunch after she met him. 259 more words


Quoth the Raven (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

Jane bends to scatter crumbs from her morning muffin. Will Edgar come today?

Ravens. Birds of Apollo and Odin, messengers from these gods of prophecy. Harbingers of death and loss. 124 more words

Flash Fiction

Superman, Maybe (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

Jane blinks as the man comes fully into the bus stop shelter. His open shirt flaps in the winter breeze, his chest white and cold-looking, ribs like slats. 248 more words

Flash Fiction

The St. Louis Jane Doe of 1983

On a brisk Monday afternoon on February 28, 1983, in St. Louis Missouri, two rummagers went looking for scrap metal for their car in the basement of an abandoned apartment building — which has long since been bulldozed —  located at 5635 Clemens Avenue. 1,428 more words

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