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Flash Fiction: Jane Deer

The flies come and go. The rain against the studio windows, the snow, and then months of sun. The mice eat the badger bristles, nibble the end of the palette-knife still in her hand. 131 more words

Short Stories

Arkham Asylum - Jane Doe Episode 3

Episode 3

Jane is sitting in a blank white walled small box room. There is a chaise lounge on one side of the room and a chair and table opposite. 1,256 more words


and so it went

they’d only been together a few weeks, still young in their relationship.

the end of this day found them at the marina for a walk along the river. 203 more words

Whatever Works (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

“You look like you’ve had a tough day, “ the librarian says kindly. “Go home and have some comfort food. “

Oh, yes. Her mother’s macaroni casserole, or pot roast…how long since they’ve even spoken? 111 more words

Flash Fiction

It's All in the Marketing (Jane Doe Six Sentence Stories)

“I’d like the smothered burrito, but can I get it with chicken instead?”

“Sure. Two dollars more.”

“Two dollars?”

Of course, nowadays chicken is the “healthy“ choice.* Jane remembers when chicken was poor man’s meat. 150 more words

Flash Fiction

Black Gold Indeed (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

Jane flips from one screen to another, trying to find what it would be worth.

She still remembers the “gas shortage,” finally her turn to fill her VW Bug’s tiny tank, outraged at paying a dollar a gallon and waiting in line for over an hour for the privilege. 106 more words

Flash Fiction

Deep Subject (Jane Doe Six Sentence Stories)

Jane’s finger pauses, trembles over the number on her touch screen, then finally presses it to dial.

Who would actually be on the other end of this call, why would anybody be there, why would they care, why should she believe anything like this could help? 54 more words

Flash Fiction