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Wet Ink (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

“…to hold you in shadow and light, in doubt and certainty, when times are hard and when they are easy…”

Richard’s sister may have legally taken his earthly possessions, but this single page covered with scribbled bits of the vows he was writing are worth more than his computer equipment and manga art collection could ever be. 90 more words

Flash Fiction

Trial by Process

I maintain that this is a travel blog, even though I rarely post pictures or discuss traveling.

This entry details the process that went into creating a musical project that I spontaneously released on Sunday. 772 more words

Wages of Sin (Jane Doe Six Sentence Stories)

With a slam of the stairwell door, Michelle and Becca are gone. No invitation for Jane to join them, but as much as she dislikes them and can think of no one she’d want to eat lunch with less than those two, it still rankles, all the snapping orders and barking at her like she’s a dog and general condescension, no acknowledgement that she’s their co-worker and is human and might actually have a feeling or two. 167 more words

Flash Fiction

Copper Country (Jane Doe Flash Fiction)

“And it took me forever to clean the damn kitchen! If that man would learn I’d prefer a reservation to his cooking, I’d be so happy…” Michelle’s voice trails off as her office door snicks shut. 116 more words

Flash Fiction

8 Bar Link Up - London Represented

The 8 bar link up has been pure fire, and this one does not disappoint!

RV, Y.SJ, J Gang, Tallest Trapstar, Jane Doe, Hemz, Dutch and Mucky all came forward to add their individual magic. 23 more words


Don't Start (Jane Doe Six Sentence Stories)

“Oh, what a glorious day,” Jane chirps, shoving her backpack under her side of the cubicle counter. “Blue sky, walking uphill I got so warm I had to take my jacket off. 161 more words

Flash Fiction

Scars (Flash Fiction Rodeo Honorable Mention)

Still catching up with the Flash Fiction Rodeo over at Carrot Ranch – a series of eight different flash fiction events. Contest #4 was Scars. 487 more words

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