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A Few Things I've Been Into Recently

1. Rereading Jane Eyre: This time around I’m reading it for the purpose of analyzing how Charlotte Bronte uses literary elements in her novel. So far I’m learning how she develops character and uses description. 714 more words



and how we play it

Story-writers have a trick that people in films, television drama and theatre can only envy. We can take our readers into the minds of our characters and deep inside their emotions. 626 more words

When Hope Despairs, Turn to Fiction

If you are feeling in despair, as the Bronte sisters–and brother Branwell–almost always were, reading is a good way out. Emily Bronte can attest to the power of the imagination, and so she did, in the poem at the end of this post (reprinted by kind permission of her spirit). 255 more words

Autumn Reading Recommendations

The winds are changing, the leaves are taking on their golden hue and autumn is finally here. Autumn is my favourite season for many reasons, but especially for reading. 1,190 more words

No mp4 of 'Crucible' or other plays

We can bury the dream of a ‘hard copy’ of The Crucible or any other plays that are viewable via Digital Theatre. R, the friendly professional support lady from Digital Theatre, got back to me very promptly… 372 more words

Richard Armitage

Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester’s Wedding Registry

We cordially invite you to join us at Thornfield on the morrow for a celebration of our nuptials, which is 100% certain to take place. Should you wish to bring a gift in honor of this wedding which is definitely going to happen, please consider one of the following items from our registry: 200 more words


Want to join my read along?

I hope that your Thursday was really good! It’s almost Friday so don’t worry. I wanted to invite you guys to a read along that I am hosting on my YouTube channel! 138 more words