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Thor Headcanon

Jane Foster, the newlywed wife of the mighty Thor, recently opened up the Jane Foster Medical Center for Superhumans, a hospital that treats superhumans, aliens and mutants who are injured and/or sick.


Cosplay Mock List

Along with Wanda for the AoU premiere I want to have a few costumes done in time for Philly. So far my list includes: Wanda, Peggy Carter (still a toss up between a Cap:TFA outfit or Agent Carter outfit), Jane Foster (thinking of both a Earth look as well as a look from her time on Asgard, because I loved those looks), Natasha Romanoff (incognito look, may add the catsuit if I am in good enough shape by then). 122 more words


Marvellous and DCent: Jane Foster

Thor is the MCU franchise with the most female characters in it. There is Jane, Sif, Frigga, Darcy…but it is nevertheless pretty much on the bottom of movies to talk about in terms of layered female characters. 2,383 more words


Creative Craft with Kids by Jane Foster

Title: Creative Craft with Kids 15 fun projects to make from fabric and paper

Author: Jane Foster 

Publisher:  Pavilion Books

Published: January 22nd, 2015

Rating: 4/5… 223 more words


Advanced Thor miniseries #1

Advanced Thor Mini Series
By: Connor Fahy
Issue #1: A Journey into Mystery
Page 1
We see a classic UFO as it enters into earth’s atmosphere. 3,607 more words