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Decorate with Vintage Miffy!

When the Miffy stories first appeared in the UK in the early Sixties, colourful modernist interiors were en vogue Рmeaning Dick Bruna’s striking hardback books were sold in furniture design shops such as Heals and Habitat, as well as traditional book stores. 135 more words


Item of the day: Jane Foster tumblers from Joss & Main

For me, the kitchen is one of the most boring rooms in the house. I’m not much of a cook and tend to bake when I’m procrastinating, so it’s the room I spend the least amount of time in. 38 more words


On the Observation of Gorillas

Dear World,

I think I’ve developped a bit of a crush. I qualify this statement as is my wont, because it’s a bit hard for me to be sure about how I feel. 148 more words

Love Letter

Marvel studios writes off this character in the best way possible

So most of you guys have probably seen the SNL skit Chris Hemsworth did just the other day, right?

Well in it he gives a few shout outs towards the end. 204 more words


Thor Headcanon

Jane Foster, the newlywed wife of the mighty Thor, recently opened up the Jane Foster Medical Center for Superhumans, a hospital that treats superhumans, aliens and mutants who are injured and/or sick.


Cosplay Mock List

Along with Wanda for the AoU premiere I want to have a few costumes done in time for Philly. So far my list includes: Wanda, Peggy Carter (still a toss up between a Cap:TFA outfit or Agent Carter outfit), Jane Foster (thinking of both a Earth look as well as a look from her time on Asgard, because I loved those looks), Natasha Romanoff (incognito look, may add the catsuit if I am in good enough shape by then). 122 more words