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You Can See The Pain In Matthew Stafford's Face After He Gets Clobbered Without A Helmet

Lions QB Matthew Stafford is having a rough day at the office.

In the second quarter of today’s Lions game, Stafford had his helmet ripped off and then got clobbered by the Eagles defensive line. 28 more words


Lions QB Matthew Stafford Hits Defender With The Truck Stick And Runs Him Over During Scramble

Who knew Matthew Stafford could run over defenders?

Watch as the Lions QB hits Titans CB Perrish Cox with the truck stick while scrambling out of the pocket.

Damn Stafford.


Horny Bats Had Sex In The End Zone During The Lions-Ravens Game And Wow #BatSex Is Weird

Did you ever see bats have sex? Do you wanna see bats have sex? Do you wanna see bats having sex during an NFL game? Well, today is your lucky day because two bats were fucking on the field during the preseason NFL game between the Ravens and the Detroit Lions in Baltimore. 154 more words


Lions' Backup QB Dan Orlovsky Throws Hilariously Bad Pick 6 Interception In Preseason Game


Here’s your yearly reminder that Dan Orlovsky is somehow still in the league cashing a paycheck.

During tonight’s Lions-Steelers preseason game, Orlovsky was able to avoid a sack to only throw a ball up in the air for a pick 6. 13 more words


Dr. Jane Goodall and KWS Director General visit Sweetwaters

Renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall visited Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary on 14th July, accompanied by the Director General of the Kenya Wildlife Service, Mr. Kitili Mbathi. When asked if she would be cold riding in the back of an open safari vehicle on the chilly morning, with characteristic pragmatism she replied, “I suppose I shall just have to be.” 1,234 more words


Calvin Johnson Discussed How Scary Easy It Is For NFL Players To Get Hooked On Painkillers

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson detailed what went into his decision to retire here recently and now he’s opening up even more about life in the NFL. 484 more words


Calvin Johnson Finally Revealed Why He Retired Despite Still Being One Of The Best In The Game

After much speculation, Calvin Johnson has addressed his reasons for retiring from the NFL and the Detroit Lions despite still being one of the game’s best wide receivers. 469 more words