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NFL Officials Reportedly Admitted That They Missed Huge Call Against Seahawks In Playoff Game Against Lions

The Detroit Lions might have gotten screwed by the Refs in their NFC wildcard game against the Seahawks on Saturday.

In the secord quarter, Richardson made this amazing touchdown catch on fourth and goal but it appeared he may have grabbed the defender’s facemask in the process. 72 more words


ESPN Completely Disses The Lions By Assuming The Seahawks Will Advance In Playoffs Before Game Is Played

The Lions have had a pretty good season and have made the playoffs but they still can’t get any respect.

During today’s playoff coverage, ESPN already has the Seahawks advancing and playing the Falcons next week even before they’ve even played their game against the Lions. 40 more words


The Saga of Manno

After Debby Cox of the Jane Goodall Institute contacted PEGAS about Spencer Sekyer’s enquiry concerning a sanctuary for Manno, PEGAS replied, “I have heard about the chimpanzees in the Duhok and Erbil zoos already, but I did not think it feasible to get them out given the political situation there.” 1,941 more words


NFL Referee Jeff Triplette Screwed The Lions With Terrible Penalty Call

Referee Jeff Triplette might need to get some early vacation time from the NFL because he shouldn’t be calling games after making this egregious call in the Lions-Bears game. 57 more words


The Detroit Lions Call Out ESPN's 'Expert' NFL Analysts For Picking The Saints To Beat Them

The Detroit Lions are on a roll.

Today, the Lions improved to 8-4 after beating the New Orleans Saints.

After the game, The Lions Twitter account pointed out that all of ESPN’s “expert” analysts picked the Saints to beat them today. 13 more words


Manno arrives at Sweetwaters from Iraqi Kurdistan

PEGAS received an email from Debbie Cox of the Jane Goodall Institute on 1st December 2015 saying in part, “See below, this person contacted our JGI Canada office looking for help in ‘rescuing’ this young chimp from a zoo in Iraq…. 316 more words