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Naturalist: Jane Goodall

My mum and I have been reading My Life With The Chimpanzees by a lady called Jane Goodall, who went to the forests of Gombe National Park in Tanzania when she was 26 years old to study wild chimpanzees. 762 more words

Toronto Film Review: 'Jane'

Few living figures outside the realm of religion, politics or entertainment have enjoyed such widespread affection and respect for as long as primatologist Jane Goodall. So it’s somewhat flummoxing to be reminded in Brett Morgen’s new documentary how she was originally treated as a public person: as a “girl scientist” “playing Tarzan” in the jungle, with more ink spilled on her blond hair and long legs than on the breakthrough research that would change how we viewed not only chimpanzees but humanity. 769 more words


To Tanganyika

For the chimpanzees (sokwe mtu in Kiswahili)

Published The East African Nation media 16-22 September 2017

Above: Playful young chimpanzee in Gombe National Park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.   1,503 more words



By JANE GOODALL on September 1, 2017 

jane says:

“I have spent many years learning about chimpanzees and been amazed at the many similarities between them and us (biologically we differ in the composition of our DNA by only just over one percent). 701 more words


Wisdom from the lovely Jane Goodall ♥

Compassion-planting from the sunrise-lovely Jane Goodall – shining heart-light equally onto all living beings.  Her words always awaken the spirit and elevate humanity.

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Jane Goodall - Special interview: Roots & Shoots 2017

“I hate hearing that ‘We’ve borrowed the Earth from our children’; I hate it because it’s a lie. We’ve not ‘borrowed’, we have been stealing, and we’ve made so many mistakes and it’s not the young peoples’ job to put it right. 1,075 more words