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Are animals people, too? Soon, a chimpanzee could walk into a courtroom as a thing, and walk out as a person

If you’ve heard of American lawyer and author Steven Wise, it’s likely due to the peculiar lawsuits he filed in 2013 in New York State court. 2,411 more words


Anthropology Friday: In the Shadow of Man (pt. 2/5): War

Welcome back to our discussion of Jane Goodall’s In the Shadow of Man, an account of chimpanzee life in the Gombe National Park, Tanzania. I enjoyed this book quite a bit; my chief difficulty has been deciding which parts to excerpt for you. 3,053 more words

Human Migration, Cultures, And Species Of Exit

Video: Jane Goodall On Instinct

In this short animated video, Jane Goodall talks about how she made groundbreaking discoveries about the behavior of chimpanzees when she was only in her 20s — and without any formal training or degree. 87 more words

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Anthropology Friday: In the Shadow of Man, by Jane Goodall (1/5)

Today we begin our discussion of In the Shadow of Man, (published in 1971,) an account of Dame Jane Goodall’s observations of chimpanzees in the Gombe National Park, Tanzania. 690 more words


Why We'll Blame the EU for the Extinction of Elephants

Unless drastic conservation efforts are implemented, African elephants—whose population is decreasing by three percent annually due to poaching, hunting and habitat destruction—will soon be extinct… 582 more words

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ON THIS DAY: July 14, 2016

July 14th is

Shark Awareness Day

Mac and Cheese Day

Pandemonium Day

World Nude Day


Czech Republic – Colors of Ostrava, Moravo-Shlezia… 300 more words

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This week I am grateful for…

The pure sensory delight of the gentle winter sunlight coaxing my skin to a satisfying glow whilst wrapped in the taste and scent of rich, smooth coffee, with the soothing sounds of Moby in the background. 365 more words