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Sharing Wounda's Journey

I share a lot of things on Facebook, but this video of Wounda’s journey is one of my favorites I’ve shared several times, if not my absolute favorite.  147 more words


Perfect Picture Book Friday Looks at Jane Goodall's Book, Rickie & Henri

My mother was a compassionate woman who instilled in me her deep love and appreciation for nature. Whether we were hiking through the woods that surrounded our house, looking for first signs of spring, or whether we were rescuing a hurt animal, nature played a part in my life from my very youngest years on. 600 more words

Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

Eeny Meeny

I have always been fascinated by the idea of choice –the philosophy of choice. What does it mean to choose? Does the act of embracing one thing necessarily exclude the other, or merely prejudice it? 943 more words

Roots & Shoots Awards 3rd March 2017

It was back in August 2015 that I was invited along to accompany a friend to a VIP Jane Goodall event in London.  At this time, my knowledge of Dr Jane was very minimal but after a bit more research and videos watched, I was taken by her passion, dedication and growth in the natural world.  999 more words



I met my wife-to-be at the end of the last century. One of the things about her I found inspiring was that she is a poet. 987 more words

12 incredible women you've never heard of who changed science forever

Sure, most people have heard of Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin, Jane Goodall and Sally Ride.

But for every female scientist whose work has been recognized and celebrated, there are thousands who have been accidentally or purposefully forgotten. 56 more words


Todays Spotlight - Inspirational women in science

Many women have provided a rich source of inspiration for young scientists – both male and female – down the years. They’ve made remarkable discoveries, often despite ingrained sexism within their chosen field. 317 more words