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Religion, Atheism, Animals, and Awe

The topic of religion is nigh unavoidable when it comes to studying the concept of awe, but it’s one I did want and intend to avoid, if only because it tends to be controversial ground.  725 more words

Reason for Hope

I just finished reading Reason for Hope by Jane Goodall. Dr. Jane is one of my heroes and her comittment to fighting for the chimpanzees, for the forests, the environment in general, inspires me daily. 1,138 more words

For Love Of Our Planet

Jane Goodall lights a fire in my heart

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend some time in the presence of Dr. Jane Goodall. What an experience it was to listen to her speak. 363 more words


Jane Goodall Visits Andover

Dr. Jane Goodall, beloved researcher and conservationist, visited Andover on Friday, April 8th to give an inspiring talk about protecting our natural world.

My Bio 100 students attended the lecture and wrote reflective responses.

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Lion Cubs

“I think my message to the politicians
who have within their power the ability
to make change is, ‘Do you really, really
not care about the future of your great-grandchildren? 224 more words


Jane Goodall's 5 Reasons for Optimism for the Planet - and Animals as "Sentient, Sapient" Beings

I recently ran across an interview with famed British primatologist Jane Goodall on Mongabay.com. The interview, entitled “Jane Goodall: 5 Reasons to Have Hope for the Planet,”  has some inspiring and thought-provoking segments, which I would like to share here: 681 more words