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The Tories may be devoid of emotion, but animals certainly aren't

I’ve just discovered that as part of the British government’s withdrawal from the EU, it’s voted to scrap legislation that protects animals as sentient beings. Of all the laws the illegitimate Tory party could possibly repeal, I was surprised to discover that this one seems to have hit me the hardest. 2,602 more words

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Dr Jane Goodall: reflecting on chimps in the image of man

This month I’m proud to announce that a very special interview of mine has been featured in National Geographic Kids magazine: my recent chat with globally renowned… 345 more words

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Hurst: Hello Carol, how are you?

Carol: I’m doing quite well! I’m highly caffeinated and ready to talk about some animal news!

Hurst: Well enough monkey business, time to get down to business…about monkeys. 681 more words

Jane Goodall on Sexism, Feeding Stations and Science Deniers

17 November 2017 |Jordan Riefe | Hollywood Reporter

The early fieldwork of the pre-eminent conservationist is chronicled in Brett Morgen’s paean to her passion for knowledge and life. 630 more words


WARMING UP IN THE BANFF LIBRARY –A deep question, solar windows and Jane Goodall–in-one

Francis and I, were walking in the city of Kamloops BC and the town

of Banff Alberta last week. Here’s a bit of what we experienced on our … 523 more words


The Power of our Example

It’s been a busy weekend. Not busy like Great Grandpa Hudson’s busy Veteran’s Day celebrations, but busy enough. On Saturday, Bob and I stopped by a new Vietnamese restaurant opening in our neighborhood; and that evening we saw the spectacular “Jane” documentary with the Bride’s family, about Jane Goodall and her beloved chimps of the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. 636 more words

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I don’t talk about my children very often on this blog, and there are all kinds of reasons for that, ranging from not wanting to be one of “those” parents who can’t function without showing pictures of/telling stories about their children to trying to maintain some degree of a barrier between my public and private selfs. 612 more words

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