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Trip to Japan becomes 'defining memory' for Behrend students

By Steve Orbanek
Marketing Communications Specialist, Penn State Behrend

Grace Waldfogle expected Aug. 6 to be a somber day. Not only was it the last day of her trip to Japan as part of a Penn State Behrend embedded course, but it also marked the 71st anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. 618 more words


Who's the fittest in this game of survival?

I’m a little worried about evolution.

I’m no scientist and my knowledge of Darwinian theory is basic at best, being sourced from the dusty secondary school biology files in my memory’s long-forgotten archives, as it is. 520 more words


Jane Goodall Agrees With 'Ivory Game's' Immediate Ban Plan

Elephants are one of the most amazing animals on earth, yet unless we get together to help protect them, they could become extinct. Because of us. 698 more words


The Reason for Hope Is the Creative Process of Life by Carol P. Christ

In these these days when many of us are gripped by paralyzing despair as we come to terms with the election as President of a racist, sexist bigot who has created a climate of fear and promises to undo much of the progressive legislation of the past fifty years, I find it appropriate to reiterate an insight that has sustained me through many years of sadness and disappointment about the state of our world. 668 more words


Chimps, Dominance, and the Irony of Riots

The anti-Trump riots/protests going on right now seem at first glance, to be highly counter-productive: most of the rioters live in highly liberal areas, so the majority of people they intimidate, assault, or rob are not Trump supporters, but actually on their own side. 1,390 more words

Psychology And Evolution

Day 060 - One scientist's curiosity

I’m sure you can imagine that curiosity is an essential point for a scientist, and Jane Goodall tells a lovely story about herself in her book… 336 more words

Things To Be Curious About