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看到劉德華墮馬受傷那個news,讓炯叔叔想起一個人,就是Christopher Reeve(港譯;基斯杜化李夫),Reeve在1995年一次墮馬意外影響了他的一生。

Christopher Reeve係乜水?

小朋友,如果不認識Christopher Reeve,那麼叔叔問你地聽過超人未?




不論你看過1978年的《超人》沒有,大家不如看看以下video重溫一下,你重可以看到Marlon Brando做超人老豆Jor-El,Gene Hackman做反派Lex Luthor,好多好多星!

如果你以為Reeve只係得靚樣得個殼你就錯錯錯!1952年出生的Reeve,年僅10歲便登台演出舞台劇。1974年從Cornell University(Cornell呀!)藝術學位畢業後,就繼續演員事業,演出電視劇和舞台劇。

[題外話:除了Christopher Reeve以外,荷李活裡面有好多有樣有身材有腦嘅大明星都係响名牌大學畢業。譬如好多人都知道Emma Watson係Brown and Oxford畢業嘅,Hugh Grant又係Oxford(English Literature,死未?),Edward Norton係Yale畢業嘅,Matt Damon,Natalie Portman 係Harvard嘅呢個好多人都知,但Tommy Lee Jones都係Harvard Alumni就唔係好多人知道。呢個啊伯真係厲害] 43 more words


Sir William Paget

William Paget is typical of Tudor administrators.  He rose not because of his bloodline but because of his ability.  He was educated at Cambridge.  His tutor was Stephen Gardiner (I told you they were all related and now I’ll add that they all know each other!)  After Paget completed his studies Gardiner, who would become Bishop of Winchester and by the end of Henry VIII’s reign  conservative scion of Catholicism, found Paget a role in his own household. 551 more words

Sixteenth Century

#StopMarlonWayans - Fifty Shades of Black (2016)

No redeeming qualities.  Obviously a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey, this is about a plain college student (Kali Hawk) entering a relationship with wealthy businessman (Marlon Wayans) that she quickly learns engages in some sordid sexual practices.  494 more words


Jane Seymour - 001

Jane Seymour – 001, old pic edited in ps.


Six Wives with Lucy Worsley - Episode 2 Review

After last week’s Katherine of Aragon centred episode of Lucy Worsley’s new Six Wives series, I was both excited and nervous about watching the second episode. 1,076 more words

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