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The Bumblebee Flies Anyway (1999)

D: Martin Duffy / 96m

Cast: Elijah Wood, Janeane Garofalo, Roger Rees, Joe Perrino, George Gore II, Rachael Leigh Cook, Jeffrey Force, Oni Faida Lampley… 1,054 more words


Lili Taylor on Acting’s Healing Powers and Getting Stage Fright After 30 Years

In her three-decade career including indie favorites Mystic Pizza and I Shot Andy Warhol to TV gold like Six Feet Under and the anthology series American Crime, Lili Taylor consistently goes for the emotional jugular. 959 more words


Laughing and Choking Looked the Same

In his introductory note on Marvin’s Room, playwright Scott McPherson distinguishes between death and dying: as a child, his father wrapped his car around a telephone pole—this was death.   496 more words


Broadway Review: 'Marvin's Room' With Janeane Garofalo, Lily Taylor

It’s a good play. Honestly, it’s a good play. No, I really mean it. This mantra, or something like it, is necessary to keep your faith in “Marvin’s Room,” the mordantly funny play about life and love and death that writer Scott McPherson lived to see premiere at Chicago’s Goodman Theater in 1990, two years before he died of AIDS at the age of 33.   526 more words


Throwback Thursday-Reality Bites (1994)

Life immediately after college is often very confusing. The expectation is to get a job, eventually settle down, maybe a have a kid or two and lead a generally quiet life But what happens when this expectation does not meet reality? 175 more words


Marvin's Room: Across the Great (but too vast) Divide

Marvin’s Room: Across the Great (but too vast) Divide

By Ross

Marvin’s Room starts off with a nervous Bessie, played by the well-known actress, Lily Taylor fidgeting in a small doctor’s office confined in a rectangle space up close to the edge of the stage. 922 more words

Ross Says: