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Community Care: Providing common welfare literacy programs in public libraries.

Libraries are places to assist people in regards to gaining knowledge. However, that knowledge does not stop at fiction novels and google searches. The same expectation can be said for library literacy programs.  481 more words


Falling Forever

What does falling with no bottom really feel like?

Scary? Uncontrollable? Unstable?

I imagine falling forever…what would that feel like? If I could let go it might be freeing, stripping away everything that’s held me back and what if I slowed the fall to simply floating. 168 more words

My Experience

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734 - Gforce class 👯

Finally!!! Huhu 💖 #simplejoys 💃🏽

I’m so thankful and happy tonight!!!! Thank you to my dear friend, Janelle! One big check from my growthlist this year. 249 more words

Janelle of Titan

Janelle had never been in this particular set of caves before. The unfamiliarity put her ill at ease, and she led with her pistol. Wendy only griped once that they’d have to edit a lot of her creeping for time. 816 more words

Writing Sketch

Disability and Faith: Breaking Down the Barriers

By Janelle Dill

In the last few years, I have struggled with one word: belonging.

As a disabilities advocate (particularly epilepsy), writer, artist, and Ambassador of Purple (the color of epilepsy awareness) for Somerset County, I have not found a place to fit with my skillset. 1,168 more words