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from dancing for faculty to dancing for uitm, to dancing and instructing for a fitness organisation and then to events and competitions. from dancing in groups, to dancing solo, to dancing duet, to dancing lead, to conducting, to instructing people (and if you could see, i have been losing weight then gaining weight again, been small then been bigger, haha, that my friend, is my fitness journey, i have been trying out a lot of different kinds of training and eating lifestyle, so yeah..) .. 742 more words


Detox - Day 14

Do you know what today means?


So I decided to treat myself:

Just kidding!!!! I was meeting up with a friend for breakfast who wanted to get some for her… 185 more words

Teen Mom 2 Returns

Teen Mom 2 returns tonight with the premiere of season six!

Teen Mom OG and 2 are the only MTV shows I like, but they are favourites of mine. 367 more words

Teen Mom

**NEW** Aerial Intro one-day class! Saturday 6/27

This One-Day 90 minute class is for those curious about aerial silks or interested in developing strong core and upper body with conditioning exercises on and off the silks. 155 more words

IMPACT! Kickboxing Fitness

Chapter 1.1 - The Beginning

Bridgeport. Capital of the United Simdom. Heart of the highly successful Simmerwood movie industry. A glittering testament to hard work and industry. But not for me. 1,715 more words


Aerial Silks Upright Climb Workshop - Sun 5/31 at 5PM

In this workshop we will dissect the technique involved in a number of upright climbs. The focus will be on increasing efficiency, beauty and expression in climbs. 100 more words

New Class