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SVT #52, Booster Boycott: Male Cheerleaders? Who Ever Heard of Such a Thing?

Summary: Apparently Winston is a really good gymnast, and he wants to showcase his talents by joining the Boosters. The Boosters – well, the Boosters who are also Unicorns, which is all of them except Amy and… 877 more words


SVT #48, Mandy Miller Fights Back: You Can Be Our Friend Now! Assuming You Don't Die!

Summary: Mandy Miller was briefly introduced in the previous book as a Unicorn hanger-on who desperately wants to be liked. The Unicorns take advantage of her kindness and eagerness by letting her run errands for them. 1,237 more words


SVT #37, The War Between the Twins: Actually, It's About Ethics in Journalism

Summary: At the end of the last book, Jessica was eager to write an article about the Unicorns for the Sixers. Elizabeth decides to humor her and publish it on the front page. 1,158 more words