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That's Not How Any of This Works

What do we mean by “literary citizenship”? At Salon, Becky Tuch sums it up nicely:

…most agree that good Literary Citizenship entails buying from local bookstores, attending readings, subscribing to literary magazines, interviewing writers, reviewing books, reading a friend’s manuscript, blurbing books, and so on.

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Business Of Writing

Self-Care Tips for Querying Writers

As querying writers, we face rejection almost daily. It can be difficult to stay positive waiting for that one yes! in an ocean of no’s… 796 more words

Writer's Life

Janet Reid Q & A

Straight Talk From Janet Reid over at the Insecure Writers Support Group. When it comes to clear-eyed discussion of the dos and don’ts, customs, trends, and protocol of writer-agent relationships, none are more forthcoming than Janet Reid.  33 more words

Character Code

Man, for anyone working on building characters, this is a great article to read by Janet Reid. The article is entitled Code and discusses what drives a character’s decisions. 35 more words

Experiences And Advice

Bo's Cafe Life Interview of Literary Agent Janet “Query Shark” Reid

This inerview was originally posted in 2011. The information is still relevant today.

All About the Story

Imagine you’re 15 and your undocumented immigrant mother has told you that the family is running away, again. You shove everything into a trash bag, and help your little sister do the same. 191 more words