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Flash Fiction 8: Summer on the Farm

The flash fiction contest run by Janet Reid this week was in honor of her aristocratic cat, the Duchess of Yowl. I entered, but this time got no recognition. 290 more words


Coleridge Series to Putnam

My agent, Janet Reid, has sold a pair of my crime/noir novels to Sara Minnich at G.P. Putnam’s Sons. A big thank you to Janet and Sara, and extra special thanks to Jessica M for her help and inspiration. 216 more words

Flash Fiction 1-3 (Catching Up)

I mentioned yesterday that lately I’ve been writing flash fiction for a recurring contest on Janet Reid’s awesome agent’s blog. So far I’ve entered three times, with varying results. 882 more words


Positive input from an agent: a welcome gift

As I’ve mentioned before, positive input about ones writing from someone other than your loved ones or friends is a veritable gift, presented on a silver platter. 275 more words

21st Century Living

“The question you always have to ask is this: why should someone care?
The answer is NEVER: because I want you to; because I need you to; because it’s the right thing to do.

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Janet Reid Talks about Promotion

My agent, Janet Reid, discusses author promotion on her blog. Janet’s page is treasure trove of advice for writers of all levels. Keep an eye on the comment sections–there is often good intel to be gleaned from the participants.

The best approach is to use italics very very judiciously.
Start with thinking you can’t use any, and then use it only if you absolutely must. 

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