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by Rebekah Postupak

He’d thought of everything.

Plottery won him the girl: years of watching from shadows, weeks of trailing her routes, then finally, darefully, asking her out. 246 more words

Flash Fiction

Quick Quotes—The Week In Publishing

“As we’ve found with movies and TV shows, the most popular books set in each state can be pretty surprising. For every obvious To Kill a Mockingbird, there’s the unexpected appearance of a lesser-known novel, like Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress in Maryland.”— 440 more words

Ignotus Awards

A major honor to be considered alongside Jeff VanderMeer and Terry Pratchet, among other great writers: The Croning has been nominated for an Ignotus Award in the foreign novel category. 29 more words

Rear View Mirror for 3/8/2015

Sunday: The best blog for writers to read about publishing belongs to Janet Reid, AKA The Shark. Her words are honest, kind, and witty. Last Sunday, her Sharkness quoted me! 254 more words

Writers Write

Blame It On The Night

There’s this song by Calvin Harris called Blame (it on the Night.) Great song. I’ve wanted to use that phrase for so long in a social media post, but I’ve held off. 394 more words


Just for Fun: I Am Death

I Am Death
by Rebekah Postupak

“I am Death.” 

She looked up, red-eyed. “You’ve come for me?”

He only smiled in return. Smiled! It was genuine, warm — and, despite everything, her heart stirred. 129 more words

Flash Fiction

Paying for Agent Pitch Sessions...I Think Not

   It’s that time of year again!

My favorite time, actually. The announcing of upcoming writer conferences. I enjoy attending conferences because I learn something new every time. 699 more words

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