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The Party Debuts Trailer #1

The upcoming film The Party is one of those odd indie films, filmed in black and white I might add, that you’re either going to like for it’s strangeness or despise for it’s ridiculousness. 71 more words

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Music That Destroys, "NO SLEEEP" for Homeowner

Its “Ms. Jackson” if your nasty…….and  if your named as an plaintiff on a suit. Apparently David Tate, a homeowner who leant Ms. Jackson’s production company , Zanmi Films, his precious home in July for her music video shoot “NO Sleeep”. 213 more words


Fans Demand #JusticeforJanet: NFL denies banning Janet Jackson from Super Bowl

Justin Timberlake is confirmed to perform at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show, however many loyal Janet fans were not happy to hear the news. Fans on social media cite Timberlake’s NFL comeback as a classic case of white male privilege, taking to social media to demand #JusticeForJanet, an apology and the opportunity for Jackson to return to the halftime stage. 176 more words

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Janet Jackson should be on that stage in the super bowl by herself

in all honesty forget about Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson should be on that stage all by herself and performing, however the Racist NFL and Powers that be went running like a  rabbitt to Justin Timberlake. 64 more words



*An attempt at a lighthearted, silly poem.

Once there was a baby goat named Janet.

She came to Earth from a distant planet.

The place she came from was named Barad. 99 more words