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One More Happy Ending Episode 8 -With A Little Help From My Friends......

Today, friendship took center stage and stole the limelight (even if one of those friendships is really our main romance in disguise.)  So let’s give a shout-out to BFFs and check out my favorite five moments of episode 8. 1,340 more words


One More Happy Ending Episode 7 -Happily Ever After is Hard to Find

So many strong emotions are drifting around in this episode and becoming a pillar between everyone’s love stands one selfish Not Hot Doc who is clinging onto his one sided love with the grip of a leach.  1,161 more words


First Impression: One More Happy Ending

Mimo: Even after getting torn and exhausted through endless relationships, I turn my head and notice someone new. My heart flutters and I get excited. I should learn how to let it age within myself, but I spit it out right away, and it scars me once again.

1,638 more words
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"One More Happy Ending" Episode 6 -Love is More than Attraction

Love is in the air, even though our OTP (one true pairing) seem a bit slow on the uptake.  But Kdrama fate and Soo Hyuk’s son are hard at work to bring these two lovebirds together.  1,079 more words


One More Happy Ending Episode 5 - I Choose Chicken and Beer

YAY! It is as if the writers listened to all my complaints and fixed them this episode.  Or at least, fixed them enough where I wasn’t constantly rolling my eyes the whole 60 minutes.  1,194 more words


One More Happy Ending + Spice + ANNOUNCEMENT

Happy Friday!

Hmmm it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, hasn’t it?

Well, I come to you with a new video review for MBC’s “One More Happy Ending”. 168 more words