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I get useful tips for my writing from a number of sources, but here’s a special shout for the great Janice Hardy and her superbly exhaustive blog. 85 more words


Point of View

I never had any doubt, for years I have written (on and off) my fantasy novel in third person. Then, suddenly, doubt barged in. I began The Shifter by Janice Hary and she writes first person so well I instantly wondered, “Is this how I can best tell my story?” 78 more words

#writingcraft: System of Reckoning

Summer is here for all those living north of the equator. Vacations are being planned and executed with delight. At least some people are doing that. 819 more words


Goals, Motivations, and Action

I’m using Janice Hardy’s wonderful Editorial Map for revising the first draft of book four, found in her equally wonderful book Revising Your Novel. But I got hung up on a few things. 456 more words

Writing - The Craft Of

Reading Your Work Out Loud

“It can be time consuming, but reading your work out loud does give you a different perspective on it.”

Janice Hardy lists the benefits of the practice.


Discussing Writing Tips with Janice Hardy & Lorna Faith


Writing Tips for Understanding Show, Don’t Tell with Janice Hardy

How do you ‘show’ in your writing? Tell me in the comments!! 24 more words


Blast from the past #3

In the Blast from the past post I’m going to recommend, review books, series that:

  1. I absolutely loved but I think never got the hype they deserved, nowadays you can’t even hear about them and/or just simply really underrated by my opinion.
  2. 868 more words
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