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Always keep asking, again and again how old am I now, when I see my junior in school or college just gave a birth to their son or daughter. 21 more words

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Jakarta keras?

Berasa yupi.
Wondering kalau si mister kasih dulu yg mau didiscuss supaya gw bs join conv dg baik. Jd meraba2 gini. Looks a dumb. Hiks. … 154 more words

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Poem: Desserts

With the school year fast approaching,
already underway
the wells of inspiration
leaving me deserted
drought land dried up
but more than the words disappearing… 77 more words


Another thought of East Asia Summit

Too early for coming to the office and too early also for commencing to work, I choose to read Forbes magz sent by one of our partner. 182 more words

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Perdanaaaa sampe kantor jam 7.15! Makasih grabbike yg msh promo 10rb. Lopyupuuul. Terus aja ya promo. *kapan ROI nya dong sis* wkwkwk – at AXA Tower

See on Path

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All my bags are packed am ready to go

Going back home!
Gue tau nyokap pasti seneng banget gue udh ga ngekos lagi. Pas gue ksh tau rencana gue balik ke rumah, muka ibu langsung sumringah. 298 more words

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