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Out of Darkness

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Waseem: The finer things of life...

There are two beautiful things that remain with you after this life has taken it’s course. 3,646 more words

Seeking Knowledge Should Increase Your Acts of Worship

Imam Ahmad (rh) mentioned, the more a person learns, the more their Ibaadah should increase as shukr to Allah.

And as one of the people of the past said, the one who is on the path of seeking knowledge is on the paths of Jannah!


Your Good Deeds Will Lead You To Jannah

يوم نحشر المتقين الى الرحمن وفدا

Some of the ulema mention that on the Last Day, when people are resurrected, a person will greet the pious man and he will have a beautiful face and smell. 133 more words


Flee to Allah

When speaking about our pursuit of Salaah, Allah uses the
term, فَاسْعَوْا / “Proceed” (Al-Qur’an, Surah 62, Ayah 9)

When speaking about our pursuit of Paradise, He uses the… 116 more words

Amazing Reminders

One Hundred Ice Creams by Sumayyah Hussein illustrated by Derry Maulana

This book on my first reading reminded me a lot of Amira’s Totally Chocolate World in that it takes a religious idea, in this case Jannah or heaven, and uses a child’s excitement for a favorite food to explore it.   799 more words

Elementary Fiction

Patience during trials ~ Part 2

In the previous post (part 1), it mentioned how Allah tests His slaves, however gives glad tidings to those who are patient with the trials of the worldly life. 319 more words