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Relationship With Allah

The way a person is reflects their own relationship with Allah and following the Sunnah.

For example, would a person go to work without brushing their teeth? 136 more words


Halal Love

I want that halal love

The love born through the words of Allah

The love will never die because

I’m meeting you in Jannah

So it’s not until death do us part…

300 more words
I Pakistan

Path to Jannah and Jahannam

Jibreel said the path to Jannah is surrounded with hardship and difficulties and the path to Jahannam is surrounded by lusts and desires!


A True Friend in Jannah

I came across this beautiful Arabic post about the value of true friends in the hereafter. I have translated it below. May Allah grant us to be true friends in this world and the hereafter. 234 more words


Oh my dear sister in Islam

Behind every smile is a heartache.
Behind every joy is a pain.
Behind every happiness is a sad story.. of which only He knows; to whom belongs the glory. 106 more words

Mahe Ramadhan- Day 27

Todays word is Jannah… meaning heaven!

WOW! how to explain that to a 3 year old? very tricky, although the verse that was related to this work in the Holy Qur’an talked about being good and believing so it was a little bit easier to talk about how he can be good. 46 more words