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Make D’ua No Matter What

All I seem to hear from people is “I don’t have time to pray etc…” but I can manage it when I live in a tent. 119 more words


Do not aim for Jannah.........#8

‎In the name of Allah, the gracious and the most merciful.
Assalamu alaikum va rahmathulahi va barakathuhu 😊

If we ask the pious Muslims that “what is their goal in life?” They will definitely say “the JANNAH”. 675 more words


A Beautiful Hadith for a Saddened Mother.

After a miscarriage, when a fetus is returned to Allah, The Most Exalted.

Allah says, “That day will come which even if the carrier (Mother) is destined for the throws of hell, you will rescuse her with your umbilical cord and pull her into Jannah.”  6 more words


The Umrah Journey Which is Taking You to Jannah

The Ibadah of Umrah is a blessing among the most regarded ceremonies in the religion Islam, journey performs it by visiting the holy city Makkah in Saudi Arabia. 348 more words


A Clean Heart Will Lead You to Jannah

One of the reasons why a person will go to Jannah is by having a clean heart. One of the ways to clean your heart is to remove hatred. 51 more words