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Allah blesses when I don’t deserve it 187 more words


Meski hanya di balik mimpi

“Rindu ini tak lagi dapat terbendung, hingga kau hadir membawa secercah semangat untukku.”

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Why were we created?

Bismillah. This is an excerpt from Hadith al Qudsi –

“Almighty Allah says: o, children of Adam! I did not create you so as to: increase myself out of poverty through you, or to seek companionship through you after being lonely, or to seek your help on matter in which i was inefficient, or for the sake of a benefit or for warding off harms. 921 more words

Kerching your akhira!


You know dear readers these little reminders and stories that we send out every few days or weeks are a reminder for ourselves first. And its amazing how much humans are in need of reminders and analogies to help us get through our day. 283 more words

Goodly Word

The Chosen People

I know the Jews have often called themselves the chosen ones but there is a different and fresh approach to who the chosen ones really are! 771 more words


The Human Conscience Cries Out - 23

I am surprised at the state of my Ummah…how do they forget these two Noble Hadith…or ignore them…or don’t care about them.

  1. Sayyiduna wa Mawalana Rasool ALLAH salla ALLAH ‘alayhi wa sallam said:
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The Human Conscience Cries Out


He kisses the screen when he sees a pic of his dad rahimahullah, they’ll meet for the 1st time in Jannah in shaa Allah