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Trying to make peace with the turmoil

It just feels that life has become so hard for me. The shaytan tries to make me believe that it is MY fault that things became like this and if it wasn’t for ME then my life would have been better – I may have been around my closest friends, I may have had more wealth, I may have been living somewhere nicer than where I currently am, and I may not have had to repeat the year. 502 more words

Towards Acceptance

I sustained a few losses in my life during the January/February period of this year. It was a painful experience. I lost money, I felt alone, I was living in a flat that I didn’t want to be in, I needed to get a job to be able to pay my rent and eat food (because I didn’t want to ask anyone for money eventhough I know that many would have been willing to do so, however I did not want people to see or know I was in this state). 278 more words

HER Stories: Barakah / Umm Ayman

The only name she was known by was Barakah. There is no information about her parents or her ancestors and she did not know herself. She was Ethiopian. 982 more words


What Are You Striving for: Dunya or Akhirah?

Many of us seem to spend an incredible amount of time and energy chasing the dream job. Afterall, a bigger paycheck often translates into a better car, a bigger house and a higher worldly social status. 331 more words

Life Reminder

Life Goal: Don't just be an average muslimah, have a strategy for your akhirah!

Last April 9, 2017. I was fortunate to be one of the attendee in an all-female muhadarrah (islamic lecture) in our humble city. Two days before the event, I was texting the contact person to kindly ask for a reservation (hoping to fill a seat), even though I knew about it since a week before, but forgot to make a reservation in advance. 1,391 more words


Salaam: 8 reasons to Spread Love and Peace

Have you ever been in an unfamiliar place where everyone else is a stranger to you? Do you remember the awkwardness and unease that you felt then? 1,249 more words