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The planet of Janus III

Janus Prime is a dying forge world in the segment Tempestum. Close to to the Segmentum Solar but far from the palaces of Ophelia VII this system has fallen into decay as the Mechanicum dynasty of Decanicor has ended. 218 more words


Inside Marlon Brando's Exotic Resort: Everything You Need to Know About the Private Island in French Polynesia

When super stars celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio want privacy and a breathtaking view, they head straight for French Polynesian paradise.

Accessible only by private plane, the Brando is a luxury eco hotel and… 407 more words


Why Kendall Jenner's Travel Bucket List Includes Hogwarts and Westeros

Kendall Jenner may be a globe-trotting supermodel, but there are a few exotic destinations even she can’t get to.

The 21-year-old just touched down in Paris… 358 more words

Kendall Jenner

The Horned man part 2


Anastasia’s gambit

Inquisitor Anastasia Krozelius looked out over the vast industrial landscape that stretched out for as far as her eyes could see. The reports of a heretical cult growing in the Daedalus sector was worrying news. 637 more words


The Temple of Janus

Besides being the god of new beginnings, Janus was also the god of gates and doorways. His Roman temple on Janiculum consisted of an arched passageway with at each end a set of doors. 149 more words


The Horned man part 1

Ambush in the Daedalus sector

The forge world of Janus Prime is a shattered shadow of its former self. In M37 the last mechanicum dynasty fell leaving the Janus system in disarray. 185 more words


“Connie” Contradith, The Rebel's Guardian

Contradith has one of the most challenging (and therefore most sought after) jobs for a Cherub in Janus’ hierarchy. She’s responsible for guarding revolutionary figures who already advance her Archangel’s Word and objectives. 240 more words

In Nomine