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Gym Time :(

Another day … Another failed attempt at going to the gym.

Looking down and all i can see is this massive pot belly that i have accumulated over the past couple of years thanks to my beer drinking, takeaway eating lifestyle, if i carry on this way i will soon not be able to view my own manly parts which will be a sad ending to a very satisfying lifestyle. 264 more words


"your musics shit"

Right first up, lets talk some music as this is a passion of mine.

Hardcore? what is that i hear you say “oh yes i know, its that shit repetitive music that hurts you ears with a constant boom boom boom” *whilst trying to impersonate a raver by doing the good old big fish little fish cardboard box dance*. 218 more words


Who is this man, and why is he blogging?

Hello, my names Aiden janus, im 23 from Burton on Trent.

this is just a quick first post to introduce myself and tell you what you may expect to be reading if you follow my posts, I decided to start a blog because I seem to spend a massive amount of time on social media, either complaining (a lot) and just generally having some very outspoken, sometimes maybe controversial views, so I thought, why not start a blog, somewhere for my views to be expressed to a wider audience rather than just facebook friends!. 156 more words


Avalon 3.1: part 2 of 7, Hunters On the Road

“Where to?” Lockhart asked, not that they had much choice on that narrow mountain path. It was either up or down.

“Up,” Boston answered with a careful look at the amulet. 1,306 more words


Janus Two-Faced

You tried so hard to make me see;
And all the while I missed it. 239 more words


Blinded Janus

Today I sit in my own stink.
Oils and miscellaneous fluids
Secreting out the over sized pores
Scattered across my
Purple, flaking skin,
That houses all of me; 48 more words


Celebrating pagan holidays

Listen to anyone criticize Christianity and eventually they may mention the notion that Christian holidays are based on pagan holidays.

Which would make sense if ancient Christians celebrated modern holidays like Christmas and Easter. 621 more words