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CDC Report Shows Drop in Teenaged Sex

– 24 July 2015 –


At irregular intervals since 1988, the CDC has published a report on the sexual behavior of teenagers aged 15 to 19. 697 more words


Janus One - A Phone that Runs 90 Days on a Single Charge

If you are looking for a phone with log battery life, better to go with “Janus One”.Imagine a cell phone small enough to fit in your wallet, powerful enough to last three months without recharging, and smart enough to both connect with and charge your existing smartphone – imagine Janus One. 154 more words


Controlled Opposition?

– 18 July 2015 –


When the South Carolina legislature first began arguing to remove the Confederate battle flag from their state capital, it looked like Nikki Haley’s side had little chance to succeed.  423 more words

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Roman prayers for offerings of cakes and wine

Make an offering of cakes to Janus, with these words: “Father Janus, in offering these cakes, I humbly beg that thou wilt be gracious and merciful to me and my children, my house and my household.” 111 more words

There was an old man ...

There was an old man, once upon a time, a king.

In an inner courtyard of his residence was an ancient laurel tree, which he himself had discovered when he was laying the foundations of this fortress. 859 more words

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The death of Janus, ambient music and happiness

The death of Janus…

“Only the present is our happiness”. It seems simple enough. We are in the present and the present is defined by where, or when, we… 1,969 more words


#Music: Modern Zombies Can Move Really Fast, or Art Noise Made in Leipzig

Modern Zombies Can Move Really Fast, or Art Noise Made in Leipzig 

By Sabine Wiesner

“I’ve got a question about the way we move. What kind of zombies are we supposed to be? 960 more words