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Little Miss Hope,

aren’t you just an adorable little thing?

You sit there in the bottom of Pandora’s box,

waiting for one of us to pick you up, 447 more words


Why Might Obama Want a Race War?

– 9 July 2016 –


Obama, the leader of all that is wrong with today’s United States, talks peace and understanding over Friday’s black sniper attack on police in Dallas, but his actions behind the scenes since he took office suggest a sinister agenda against white Americans. 1,759 more words

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Two Faces of the Heirophant

Lifelong learning is essential. That goes for everything, including Tarot.

The “Pope” or Heirophant card has always been something of a nemisis for me. We see Tarot as we see life, through the lens of our life experiences which is always being pulled, tugged, adjusted and focused by perception, belief, new experiences, new facts, new learning. 217 more words

Dialy Meditation Tarot

The Light Between Oceans

Okay, it has been a while, I miss doing book reviews and a LOVELY girl called Laura whom I was at school with and used to work with pops in to my current job sometimes and her and her hubby bum me up about my blog, they demanded more book reviews so here we go. 506 more words


JANUS by Sula vineyards takes home prestigious accolade

In 2015, Sula Vineyards, India’s # 1 wine company announced the launch of JANUS –India’s first 100 % premium grape brandy. This is another milestone for the company who are proud to announce that JANUS has been awarded a Bronze Medal in the tasting category at the International Spirits challenge (ISC) 2016 .ISC is the most authoritative, respected and influential spirits competition in the world .In the blind tasting JANUS took home a bronze from an impressive line-up of spirits. 600 more words

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Common People Used to Seek Out and Celebrate Beautiful Art

– 25 June 2016 –


Tory Scot at The Right Stuff writes an excellent article about how even common people in the West genuinely sought out beautiful works of art and music the way that commoners today eagerly consume the garbage of “(((Amy Schumer))) and Kanye West”. 664 more words

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