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/THrōz/ noun, plural noun: throes

 intense or violent pain and struggle, especially accompanying birth, death, or great change.

Synonyms: agony, pain, pangs, spasms, torment, suffering, torture; … 761 more words



Like Janus stepping out of the clouds,
this room is silent. Is there anything
bringing me back to elevation,
or do changes batter me to Earth, 54 more words


Janus (belated resolution)

There were times I thought
last year would never end
And there were times I wished it wouldn’t

As all years do, it ended
with no regard to my desire… 43 more words


By what chains can we bind our morbid species from igniting a Hydrogen Bomb?

By what chains can we bind our morbid species from igniting a Hydrogen Bomb

In a previous article From “Bind man by chains of Constitution” to “Bind man by chains of Cryptography” 849 more words


Janus and the Unity of Apollo (Apollo) and Artemis (Diana)

I have spoken before of the cosmic unity between Apollon and Artemis. I have spoken of this in reference to their interlocked domains and in comparisons to Apollon and Siva. 693 more words


Have I stayed too long at the Faire?

Have I stayed too long at the Faire? What a ridiculous question. The answer, of course, is no! But the Faire has ended officially, and the merchants are beginning to pack up their wares, those who can’t wait to go home, that is. 744 more words

A Second Life In Pictures

Building The World XVIIII

Of the end and the start
In which I took part
Of their bold proclamation
Which challenged my station
Of all their conversion
And their desertion… 880 more words

Dr. Zeus