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Janus On Novelty

All beneath existence’s Su

Is but symbols for expressing what is drawn from the void of dream.

Whether the draw be shallow or deep

Shall be told by how well it is understood, by those symbols that live beneath.


Songs for Janus

Janus is an interesting Superior to build a song list for. I’ve tried to throw together a mix touching on themes of wind, revolution, banditry, and espionage, but you could just as easily grab a five hour recording of canyon winds and call it a day. 137 more words

In Nomine

Camel (1975) The Snow Goose (LP) Janus 7016


The Snow Goose

Janus 7016 (USA)


noteworthy ***

UK prog outfit’s third album, an instrumental set based on a children’s book.  It sounded like an awful idea (and of course it’s only for fans of head-rock), but it ended up being Camel’s best album, and other than Bo Hannson’s take on Lord of the Rings, this is probably the most successful example of a progressive-rock outfit taking on a piece of literature.   165 more words

70s Music

The Janus Stone [Book Review]

That I missed the first installment of the Ruth Galloway Crime series wasn’t a deterrent at all. In her follow-up The Janus Stone, Norfolk police find a child’s body under a threshold at a demolition site and a cat skeleton elsewhere at the same location. 613 more words

Celtic Resources

Food For Thought For Those Expecting a Trump Defeat

– 8 August 2016 –


Another prediction, like that of Vox Day, for a “Trumpslide” in November. Personally, I’m not so sure, but the primary turnout numbers do give pause for thought. 519 more words

US Politics

East and West Have Swapped Roles: Western Cultural Marxism vs. Russian Christiandom

– 4 August 2016 –


A Danish woman, after visiting Russia, sees the salvation of the nihilistic West through the resurgence of Christianity in the East. 703 more words

Culture Wars

Bill Gross Says You Should Start Buying Land and Gold

Investors should cut risk by placing money in real assets and accept lower returns, given that markets no longer offer double-digit gains in a zero interest-rate environment, said Bill Gross, a portfolio manager at Janus Capital . 267 more words