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A Time to be Content

Stormed much of today and last night. I love the water and watched my potted plants soak it up. My plants thrive on rainwater and decline on tap water. 245 more words

Circular Economy

The Fight Against True Believers: Pope Francis = The United Religions Initiative

– 29 September 2015 –


In light of my recent repudiation of Pope Francis, I’ve been looking further into the recent history of interfaith activities around the world, and I stumbled across some other examples of Pope Francis or Cardinal Bergoglio holding… 1,794 more words

Culture Wars

How Far Can We Stretch Excuses and Explanations for Pope Francis Before They Break?

-29 September 2015 –


Late in 2012, I—a Pentecostal Protestant—stumbled across EWTN’s Roman Catholic radio. I had previously listened fervently to conservative talk radio all through the nasty election cycle, and I had grown thoroughly disgusted with it after Obama’s unexpected victory.  1,599 more words


Chapter 69: Holding On

the world moved around him

he walked down the sidewalk doing his best to avoid the other pedestrians

a particularly large man bumped into him before he could move out of the way and he had to let himself fall to the ground before the other man went sprawling… 1,044 more words

Rumor's Block

Jamaican Official: Racism Thrives Because Black Nations Fail

– 21 September 2015 –


Dr. Franklin Johnston, a Jamaican strategist, project manager, and adviser to the Jamaican minister of education, correctly observes that blacks won’t have any respect around the world until they can run a strong, modern-day nation.  826 more words


Dear White People: "You Owe Us Black People a Tremendous Debt – Still Unpaid," Says Angry South African

– 10 September 2015 –


Mogomotsi Sebaetse is a South African “Street Psychologist”, “Pan-Africanist”, and “Humanist” Blogger with an IQ of 139.  And he has had quite enough of white people complaining about blacks who “‘think the world owes them something, and when they don’t get it, everyone who refused them is immediately labeled a racist.’ ”  So he wrote… 1,630 more words

World Affairs