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Beer and Otsumami

One of the great joys of living in Japan has to be the ability to drink in public. Although I can understand why it might not work everywhere, nothing beats drinking a beer while snacking on otsumami (usually salty junk food that goes great with beer) on the long train ride home. 204 more words

Japan Eats

Good food > Bad service?

I was dreaming about this pizza for a couple weeks. I found my favorite arrangement of the doughy concoction in Japan (thus far) near my home. 474 more words

Japan Eats

Kyoto - Giro Giro

It was close to 8pm and i was getting quite hungry. It was a little cold and i found myself looking slightly lost waiting in a dark narrow alleyway. 886 more words


Train eats

(From April 10)

Day trip to Nagoya for work. Some might see this as an inconvenience. My daily commute already clocks in at roughly 90 minutes one way. 387 more words

Japan Eats

Picnic Bento

I contemplated buying a bento and bringing it back to my desk, my pathetic attempt to be efficient and make up for time lost due to a train delay this morning. 233 more words

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