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Why do the Japanese have their names outside their houses?

This one puzzled me for a while, because most Japanese didn’t strike me as the kinds of people who’d want every stranger passing in the street to know their names and where they live (especially if there name is Gomi like someone in my street!) It turns out the reason is because several houses in the same street/ block have the exact same postal address and so the only way post and guests can reach the right one is by reading your name outside. 137 more words

Japan FAQs And SAQs

Why are Japanese apples so huge?

Was about to eat a “normal” sized one for the first time in years and was wondering whether the lack of fibre due to peeling off the skin or the pesticides due to not was going to kill me, and it suddenly occured to me that peeling a small apple is an awful lot more difficult than peeling a nice melon-sized Fuji. 97 more words

Japan FAQs And SAQs

Why are people more fascinated with Japan than Korea?

There is little point in talking about the fundamental appeal of the countries as they are now, but I’ve come up with some possible historical explanations: 426 more words

Japan FAQs And SAQs

Why is a painkiller called "Eve"?

In Japanese, that name has the same pronunciation as the first two syllables of “ibuprofen”, which is what it is

So, not because it is especially designed for women as I thought. 21 more words

Japan FAQs And SAQs

Why does NHK call the Korean language "hangul"?

…ハングル being, properly, only the name of the Korean alphabet.

 “There is no politically neutral way of describing the Korean language in Japanese, and NHK feared criticism from South-leaning Koreans if it described the language as Chosen-go… or from North-leaning Koreans if it called it Kankoku-go…” 37 more words

Japan FAQs And SAQs

Why do many yakiniku restaurants boast of their tripe?

Horumon (ホルモン) being the sign that proudly displays the posibility of grilling lungs.

“Yakiniku cuisine was invented by Zainichi Koreans shortly after the war, initially as a way of making the internal organs of cows more appetizing at a time when widespread poverty meant that most people could not afford more expensive kinds of meat”  53 more words

Japan FAQs And SAQs

Why does cucumber sushi have the special name "kappa maki"?

A kappa is a strange and interesting Japanese monster that really likes cucumbers (“maki” just means “wrap”). This also explains why some of my students think it is funny that foreigners use that name in English, I think, as it is a quite idiomatic nickname that has become standard.

Japan FAQs And SAQs